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IDF nab Palestinian entering Israel from Gaza concealing rare silver coins

While inspecting a 40 yr-old Gazan entering Israel, 2 highly prized silver coins from the times of the final years of Alexander the Great’s conquests of our region, were confiscated.
– The apprehended smuggler from Gaza will now enjoy 24hr heating, 3 healthy meals served daily and a warm bed to sleep in each night for his 2 coins, until legal proceeding are complete, and he’s returned home.

By Itay Blumenthal, Yoav Zitun


Two ancient coins, originating from 325-323 BC, were discovered this week when a Palestinian man attempted to smuggle them into Israel from the Gaza Strip through the Erez Border Crossing. Continue Reading »

Palestinian enters Israel, taken to jail, and found with 6 cellphones inside him

Having just been returned home by Israeli Border Guard police officers after infiltrating into Israel, the Palestinian was again apprehended for trying to cross the security fence in the Jerusalem area for the second time. This time arrested, he was found to be smuggling cellphones for incarcerated security prisoners.

By Mordechai Sones


Israeli Border Police officers arrested an Arab attempting to cross the security fence in the Jerusalem area for the second time. Only minutes before he was jailed in Ofer Prison six cell phones were removed from his body that were allegedly intended to be smuggled to security prisoners. Continue Reading »

Palestinian charged with attempting to smuggle diving equipment to Hamas

A Gaza merchant charged with attempting to illegally smuggle diving equipment to Hamas’ military wing, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades via the Kerem Shalom checkpoint to Gaza.

By Yoel Domb


Gaza merchant was charged Sunday with an attempt to illegally smuggle diving equipment through Kerem Shalom checkpoint to an armed wing of Hamas. The indictment stated that he tried to smuggle diving equipment into the Gaza strip illegally and to sell it to the military wing of Hamas and that he transferred large quantities of sports equipment to the Hamas military wing.

Three months ago the Kerem Shalom checkpoint security guards managed to foil the large smuggling attempt. Continue Reading »