Palestinian Leader Accuses Israeli ‘Beast-masters’ for Unleashing Wild Boars


Another fantastical accusation is the latest in a long tradition of Muslim leaders’ claim that Israel employs supernatural means to harass its enemies.

By Israel Today Staff


If Israel’s antagonists in the region are to be believed, the Jewish state employs all manner of bizarre and even mythical tactics against its foes. The latest, according to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, is the unleashing of wild boars upon the fields of Arab farmers.

Wild boar – Israel Today

“Every night, they [Israelis] release wild boars against us,” Abbas said during a conference in Ramallah last Friday. “Why are they doing this to us?”


The accusation was apparently a little too over the top even for Abbas’ own media department, because the official English-language reports from the event omitted all mention of wild boars.

But the Arab media was all over the claim, which ultimately brought it back to the mainstream international press after media watchdogs translated regional news reports.

Another of Abbas’ assertions did make the cut in the official conference report, that being that his regime is seeking to establish “bridges of love” with the Israelis.

This from the same Palestinian leader whose official government mouthpiece praised as martyrs the terrorists who slaughtered four Jewish worshippers at a Jerusalem synagogue.


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