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Hamas Claims Frogmen Killed by Mossad ‘Killer Zionist Dolphins’

REPORT: Hamas terror group claims its naval commandos were attacked by Israeli dolphin operatives off the Gaza coast; the ‘killer Zionist Dolphins’ were allegedly equipped with specialized combat gear.



Israeli security forces used a dolphin to chase Hamas frogman commandos off the coast of the Gaza Strip, the terrorist organization claimed on Monday, according to a report by Al-Quds.

During an operation that occurred at an unstated time, Hamas naval operatives were chased into the sea by a dolphin equipped with a device capable of killing the terrorist group’s frogmen, an Al-Qassam brigades naval commandos spokesperson revealed in a video. Continue Reading »

Israel Worried ‘Detained’ Vulture in Lebanon May Be Executed As ‘Mossad Spy’


A captured griffon vulture by residents from the southern Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil, suspect it to be a Mossad spy for Israel since it has an Israeli ID tag & a GPS transmitter.  

By Erez Erich, AFP


The Nature and Parks Authority said Tuesday that a vulture from one of its reserves had been captured on suspicion of espionage in neighboring Lebanon after flying across the border.

The vulture that was captured in Lebanon – Photo: bintjbeil.org

Members of the Israeli public phoned the Nature and Parks Authority to alert it to Facebook reports and pictures of a vulture with an Israeli identification ring and location transmitter captured by residents of the south Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil. Continue Reading »

Elite Hamas Naval Frogmen Proudly Profess to Capturing Mossad Dolphin Spy

As in at least 4 other Muslim countries, again Israel’s Mossad has been accused of using animals to spy on its neighboring countries.

By i24news


Hamas has claimed to have captured a dolphin they say was working for the Israeli spy agency, Mossad, Army radio reported Wednesday.


Screen grab – “Hamas Frogmen”

According to the report, the dolphin was captured several weeks ago by the naval unit of Hamas, known as frogmen.

It was said to have been equipped with cameras and other “spying equipment.”


While dolphins are considered so advanced that some countries have used them militarily, the only sort of dolphins known to be used by the Israeli army are the fleet of Dolphin class submarines. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Leader Accuses Israeli ‘Beast-masters’ for Unleashing Wild Boars


Another fantastical accusation is the latest in a long tradition of Muslim leaders’ claim that Israel employs supernatural means to harass its enemies.

By Israel Today Staff


If Israel’s antagonists in the region are to be believed, the Jewish state employs all manner of bizarre and even mythical tactics against its foes. The latest, according to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, is the unleashing of wild boars upon the fields of Arab farmers.

Wild boar – Israel Today

“Every night, they [Israelis] release wild boars against us,” Abbas said during a conference in Ramallah last Friday. “Why are they doing this to us?”

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Saudi Arabia Detains 3rd Israeli Bird as Possible Mossad Spy

Pelican with Israeli ID legtag captured was the 3rd reported incident to involve the incarceration of an Israeli spy-bird in the Gulf Kingdom.


Farm workers in Saudi Arabia captured a large pelican with an Israeli plastic tag fitted to its leg, the third such incident in the Gulf Kingdom in three years.

3rd Bird Captured - Photo: Emirates24/7.com

3rd Bird Captured – Photo: Emirates24/7.com

The expatriate farmers were going to work at their farm in the northwestern town of Sakaka when they saw a flock of pelicans inside the farm.
Sabq newspaper quoted the farm owner Abdul Aziz Al Adheed as saying the birds flew away when his workers came close, except one. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah Jails Israeli ‘spy eagle’ in Lebanon

The kestrel allegedly captured with ‘spy’ receiver implanted on its body & suspicious ring on its foot with incriminating markings from Tel Aviv University.





An alleged avian Israeli agent has been captured in Lebanon, Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV station reported on Wednesday.

File:Common Kestrel 1.jpg

Common Kestrel – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The eagle was captured by amateur hunters in the the town of Ashqout in the Keserwan district of the country, which is north east of Beirut.

The eagle was carrying an implanted receiver and a brass ring was found around its foot with markings in English that connected the suspect to Tel Aviv University, according to the report.

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Turkey: Detained bird was not spying for Israel


Turkish daily Hurriyet reports: After interrogation & X-ray test, the detained kestrel with leg-tag reading ‘4311 Tel Avivunia Israel’ was not carrying microchips & released “to fly away”.

By Ynet


Turkish authorities have “cleared a renegade bird captured in the Ağın district of the eastern province of Elazığ on suspicions of working for Israel’s state-of-the-art intelligence agency,” the Hurriyet newspaper reported Friday.

After being arrested, detained, interrogated, & x-rayed, the bird was 'Free to fly away.'

After being arrested, detained, interrogated, & x-rayed, the bird was ‘Free to fly away.’

According to the report by the Turkish newspaper, residents of Altınavya village became suspicious that the little kestrel could be more than a bird that lost its way when they found it wore a metallic ring stamped with the words “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel,” and delivered it to the district governorate. Continue Reading »

Sharks, Vultures, & sex for info: The far-fetched accusations against Israel

This kind of ignorant paranoia enables hatred of Israel in the Muslim world. Most damaging are the numerous unfounded reports of conspiracy theories, which are always accepted as truth in the Arab media.



Much mirth and merriment is being generated by the Sudanese reports that an Israeli vulture has been carrying out espionage over Darfur. In reality, of course, the bird was fitted with a GPS tracker by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. The same thing happened in Saudi Arabia last year, when a “griffon” was “arrested” for its role in a “Zionist plot”.

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