Palestinian leaders’ lies inflame & incite Arabs against Jews to promote further violence

Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministry reported ‘occupation authorities executed teen in cold blood’, referring to teen who shortly after posting his ‘will and last testament as a martyr’ on Facebook, was neutralized during stabbing-attack on an Israel Border Guard policeman.
– If the Palestinian cause was just and true, why their incessant ‘Goebbels-like’ need to lie about everything?



Following the release last Friday of the body of a 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist, a Palestinian Authority governor assailed Israel for “routinely” targeting Palestinian civilians.

AntiSemite Abbas spews hatred and incitement against Jews – PMW:YouTube screenshot

At the teen’s funeral, a day after Israeli police shot him dead after he tried to stab a border guard at a West Bank security checkpoint, Tulkarm Governor Issam Abu Bakr’s deputy accused Israel of committing crimes against Palestinians. The Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministry said the “occupation authorities” (referring to Israeli police) executed the teen in cold blood in an official statement.

But the attacker’s Facebook page tells a different story.

Before carrying out his stabbing, Qatiba Zahran posted that he had intended to die as a martyr in order to “avenge the blood of the martyrs in Palestine,” according to an article by Palestinian news agency Al Watan translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

He began the post with a condemnation of Jews.

“All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, who protects the mujahideen and humiliates the cursed Jews,” he wrote.
He also expressed his desire to join the prophet Muhammad in paradise in his post, which was supposed to serve as his last will and testament.

Despite Zahran’s seemingly damning will, which was later reposted by other pages and websites, the PA Foreign Ministry’s statement following his attack accused Israel of fabricating the stabbing episode.

“The occupation authorities, as is their custom, justified the cold-blooded execution of young Zahran by means of loathsome stories of the sort they [spread] whenever [they carry out] a field execution, while knowing full well that young Zahran posed no danger to the occupation soldiers at the checkpoint,” the statement read.


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