VIDEO: Palestinian Leadership Honors Terrorist Who Killed American Veteran, Taylor Force

view videoIn English, Palestinian President told the White House it condemned the butchering of vet,Taylor Force, who was visiting Israel, but in Arabic, and proven in the video below, the exact opposite is the truth.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel last week returned the body of terrorist Bashar Masalha to his family on condition that he not be given a “martyr’s” funeral.

The Palestinian Authority did not honor the agreement.

Masalha’s funeral was attended by hundreds of chanting mourners, and was given priority coverage by Palestinian Authority TV.


During the televised event, the PA TV news anchor praised Masalha as a “martyr” no fewer than 11 times.

What did Masalha do that the Palestinian leadership is so proud of him?

On March 8 of this year, he ran down the boardwalk in the ancient coastal town of Jaffa stabbing anyone and everyone who crossed his path. In the end, Masalha murdered just one person – American tourist Taylor Force – and wounded 11 more people, including an Israeli Arab who works for coexistence with Jews.

Martyr's funeral

Masalha was eventually shot and killed by Israeli police, thus earning him a place of eternal praise among those parts of Palestinian society that want to see Israel wiped off the map.


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