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Killing Jews is a Taxable Business

With the Palestinian Authority making ‘Pay to Slay’ Jews one of its highest paying jobs, actually making many terrorists millionaires, Israel’s Attorney-General has determined that payments made by the PA to Palestinian Arabs, who are citizens or residents of Israel, are considered taxable as income.

By Israel Today Staff


National and local authorities around the world have for the past several years been trying to define the tax obligations of the various new forms of business in the Internet era.

PA Salary Payments to Terrorists – Palestinian Media Watch

Online entrepreneurs and traders have been trying their best to slip under the tax radar. Continue Reading »

Latest Palestinian #FakeNews: Jews first arrived in Israel only 70 yrs ago

In yet another example of Palestinian revisionist history (Taqiyya) to ‘steal Israel,’ a Fatah archaeologist for Al-Azhar University reports, ‘No archaeological evidence of children of Israel in Palestine’. 

By Mordechai Sones


Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has compiled excerpts of content broadcast by the Palestinian Authority that exposes the distortions that so-called Palestinian intellectuals are willing to perpetrate to further their goal of dispossessing the Jewish People from their land.

Author Haidar Massad says the Zionist narrative has falsified history, as the Children of Israel were never in Palestine: “I wrote a novel called The Palace that was published in 2019. Continue Reading »

Israel decreases Palestinian tax transfers as PA ‘Pay to Slay’ increases

Mahmoud Abbas fumes at further Israeli cuts to tax transfers as deduction keeps pace with the additional $70 million the PA paid to jailed terrorists, or families of the dead terrorists who attacked Israelis.

By Israel Today Staff


As part of the fight against terrorism, Israel has been cutting tax dollars paid out to the Palestinian Authority (PA) for quite some time. The reason for this is that the PA keeps using their own taxpayers’ money it collects from Israel to make payments to terrorists and their families – dollars intended for administrative and humanitarian purposes for the Palestinian people. Continue Reading »

Despite economic hardship Palestinians increase ‘Pay to Slay’ by 12%

Just as the PA claims it’s on the brink of financial collapse, Palestinian Media Watch reported that Palestinian Authority autocrat has approved paying terrorists and their families nearly $66 million in the first 5 months of 2019 and vowed to keep up payments, “even if the PA has to spend its last penny to do so.”

By  Gilad Zwick , Israel Hayom Staff


The Palestinian Authority paid terrorists and their families 234 million shekels ($65.6 million) in the first five months of 2019, documents obtained by the Palestinian Media Watch revealed Wednesday. This figure represents an 11.8% increase in the stipends budget, underscoring Ramallah’s distorted priorities, as the PA claims it is on the brink of financial collapse. Continue Reading »

Palestinian leaders: First they cursed the U.S., now they curse Australia

Palestinian autocrat Mahmoud Abbas’ adviser on Foreign Affairs and International Relations: Australia is “worthy of being spat on. You [Australians] are the servants of the U.S…. I don’t want your $10 million.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Following Australia’s decision to suspend direct funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) because the PA pays salaries to terrorists and their families, senior PA official Nabil Shaath blasted the country and said that it should be spit on.

Shaath, who serves as PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ adviser on Foreign Affairs and International Relations, made the comments last week on official PA TV, and they were translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Continue Reading »

WATCH: Palestinian TV accuses Jews of using sex mania to destroy spirit of Arabs


EXPOSED??? According to a Palestinian Authority broadcast, Israel has become a global threat to Arabs and Muslims in their use of sex as a weapon to destroy their spirit, while the CIA is controlling global moods through hallucinogens.



According to Palestinian Authority TV host Imad Hamato, Israel is waging war against the Muslim world via “sex mania.”

In a broadcast translated by the Palestinian Media Watch, Hamato, who was appointed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as dean of Gaza’s Al-Azhar institutes in October 2016, can be seen denouncing Israel’s threats to Muslim modesty protocols.

“Our conflict today between us and Israel is the conflict between spirit and body,” Hamato says with a green screen of Temple Mount behind him.
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VIDEO: Palestinian Leadership Honors Terrorist Who Killed American Veteran, Taylor Force

view videoIn English, Palestinian President told the White House it condemned the butchering of vet,Taylor Force, who was visiting Israel, but in Arabic, and proven in the video below, the exact opposite is the truth.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel last week returned the body of terrorist Bashar Masalha to his family on condition that he not be given a “martyr’s” funeral.

The Palestinian Authority did not honor the agreement.

Masalha’s funeral was attended by hundreds of chanting mourners, and was given priority coverage by Palestinian Authority TV.


During the televised event, the PA TV news anchor praised Masalha as a “martyr” no fewer than 11 times. Continue Reading »

Abbas’ PA Arrests Gov’t Clerk for ‘Slandering’ Arafat on Facebook

Claim against Fatah arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, as not have being a “martyr” on Facebook, sparks arrest after Birzeit University gives Hamas election win over Fatah.

By Tova Dvorin


The Palestinian Authority (PA) is cracking down on dissidents, Palestinian Media Watch reports Monday, after it arrested a man for “slandering” Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader and arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat as not being a “martyr.”

Yasser Arafat, not yet dead

“The [PA] General Intelligence Service arrested today [April 25, 2015] Khalil Ali Afaneh, a clerk at the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Abu Dis, after he attacked and slandered Yasser Arafat, the eternal Martyr leader and the symbol of the Palestinian people,” official WAFA news reported last week. Continue Reading »

PA Official: ‘Allah Will Gather Israelis Together So We Can Kill Them’

On official Palestinian Authority TV a senior PA official calls Israelis ‘advanced instrument of evil’ that have ‘no belief, no principles,’ .

By Ari Yashar


A senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official appeared on PA TV on Wednesday, where he called Israelis “an advanced instrument of evil,” claiming “Allah will gather them so that we can kill them.”

zzzxcvThe official, Abbas Zaki, further opined Israelis “have no belief, no principles.” He is a close associate of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas; last October he reportedly went to Syria as Abbas’s personal representative, and he has spoken at public events representing Abbas’s Fatah movement. Continue Reading »

PA TV: ‘Minister Livni Is A Murderer Who Threatened To Kill President Abbas’

Conspiracy theorist & lecturer from the University of Palestine said on PA TV that Tzipi Livni has assassination plans for Abbas and calls her a ‘criminal murderer.’

By Ari Yashar


Justice Minister Tzipi Livni “is a murderer threatening to kill” Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas – so claims Muhammad Abu Saada, a lecturer in International Law at the University of Palestine in Gaza during an interview on official PA TV.

Saada’s wild accusations stem from a statement Livni made last Sunday, when she said that by refusing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Abbas is taking positions “that are unacceptable to us or to the rest of the world.” Continue Reading »