Palestinian Murders IDF soldier in West Bank

Arab from Palestinian village of Qalqiliya ambushes & murders an IDF soldier with whom he worked together at a Bat Yam restaurant.

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon accuses Palestinian leadership of their continued incitement that entices Arabs to terrorism.


A Palestinian man lured an IDF soldier to the West Bank and murdered him on Friday, before hiding the body in a well, security forces announced on Saturday.
Soldiers scuffle with Palestinians in the West Bank.

Soldiers scuffle with Palestinians in the West Bank. – Photo: REUTERS

The terror suspect, who is in custody, told security forces he led the soldier, with whom he worked together in a restaurant in Bat Yam, to the West Bank, where he committed the murder. He then hoped to secure the release of his brother – an incarcerated terrorist – in exchange for the soldier’s body.

The Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency] received a report on Friday evening about the disappearance of a soldier who had failed to contact his family since the morning.

The report prompted the Shin Bet to set up a special operations room together with the IDF and Israel Police, to try and locate the soldier.

During the investigation, it emerged that a Palestinian resident of Qalqilya, 42-year-old Nadal Amar, who worked with the soldier at a Bat Yam restaurant, met the soldier, and the two took a taxi to the Samaria settlement of Sha’arei Tikva, near Amar’s village, the Shin Bet said.

Acting on information, security forces raided Amar’s home in Qalqiliya, and arrested him and his brother. During questioning, Amar confessed to persuading the soldier to join him for a ride to his residence, the Shin Bet added.

After leading the soldier to an open area near the Palestinian village of Saniria, Amar killed the soldier and hid his body in a well, security forces said. They did not say how the murder was carried out.

“During his interrogation, Amar said his motive for the murder was to ‘trade’ the soldier’s body in exchange for the release of his brother, Nur Al-Din Amar, a Tanzim member in prison since 2003 due to his involvement in several terror attacks,” the Shin Bet stated.

Amar then led security forces to the hiding spot where he placed the body. Security forces said additional arrests are expected, and that the investigation is still ongoing.

Deputy Defense Minister MK Danny Danon charged the Palestinian leadership with the responsibility of Friday’s murder of a soldier at the hands of a Palestinian man.

“This brutal murder is the result of ongoing incitement by the Palestinian leadership,” Danon declared in a press release on Saturday.

Specifically pointing a finger towards Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Danon said, “Abbas gives a motivation for appalling acts such as this, when he continues to pay bonus money to murderers in prisons.”

Danon has been outspoken in his opposition of the creation of a Palestinian state.