Palestinian shot dead while ramming car into 70 yr-old Israeli, lightly-moderately wounded


70 yr-old Israeli man determined lightly-to-moderately injured after a Palestinian terrorist drove his car into him at the Gush Etzion intersection.
– An IDF force securing the area opened fire at the terrorist’s car  neutralizing him.

By Elisha Ben Kimon

Another attack at the Gush Etzion junction. A Palestinian driving a private car hit a 70-year-old pedestrian on Wednesday afternoon, injuring him lightly. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that an IDF force fired at the terrorist who was killed as a result.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office confirmed it was a terrorist vehicular ramming attack. The terrorist was identified as Suheib Mashahra, 21, from the village of Sawahra, east of Jerusalem.

MDA teams gave medical care to the injured person on scene and evacuated him to Shaare Zedek Hospital.

MDA Paramedics treat wounded man before transporting him to hospital – Photo: Magen David Adom/Facebook

MDA emergency medic, Shmuel Daniel, said: “At the bus station, a man of about 70 was lying on the ground conscious and confused. Civilians told us that he was hit by a vehicle while standing behind the bus. ”

Shlomo Ne’eman, head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council, said: “Another event that demonstrates the desire of terrorism to subdue us, but they must understand that it only strengthens us.

Knife found in car of Palestinian terrorist, intended to ‘finish-off’ injured victims. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

“I wish a quick recovery to the wounded and call on the government to strengthen the settlements and promote its construction with all its might. When they shed our blood, every hatred monger must know that … the result will be many more houses and settlers throughout the Land of Israel.”

Ne’eman congratulated the security forces and said: “We thank the IDF and congratulate the soldiers who acted with determination and neutralized the terrorist.”

Bus stop of Palestinian car ramming of Israelis – Photo: Magen David Adom/Facebook

A bus had been letting off passengers at the northern hitchhiker post of the Gush junction. A vehicle came from south to north and hit one of the passengers who got off the bus.

On Friday, British citizen Hannah Bladon was killed in a stabbing attack during a light rail ride in Jerusalem’s Tzahal Square, where the stabbing terrorist Jamil Tamimi from Ras al-Amud boarded the train with a knife and stabbed the student.


Translated and edited by N. Elias

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