Palestinian teens caught with backpack containing Molotov cocktails, fuel and knife


The 2 Arab 17 yr-olds from Jabel Mukaber, south-east of Jerusalem, were surveilled by Border Police conspicuously holding a bag unusually full & heavy, that after inspection, contained nine glass bottles, 2 of them already prepared as petrol-bombs, 2 large plastic bottles of gasoline and a knife.

By Ynet


A prosecutor’s statement was filed Monday against two 17-year-old residents of Jabel Mukaber in south-east Jerusalem, for carrying and manufacturing weapons. The two are expected to be indicted sometime during the week after having been caught with Molotov cocktails, fuel and a knife.

Israel Border Guard police (MAGAV) on patrol – Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Division

The two were caught at the beginning of last week after they were surveilled by a police force and by Border Police operating in the area, who noticed that they were carrying a school bag that looked abnormally heavy and full.

The teenagers were making their way to a school in the neighborhood, which also happens to be located near a police station.

Police confiscated backpack with 2 prepared Molotov cocktails, additional glass bottles, 2 plastic bottles of gasoline and a knife. – Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Division

When the force approached the boys they noticed that they smelt of gasoline. After seizing the backpack, the police found nine bottles of glass, two of which had already been prepared for use as Molotov cocktails, a plastic bottle containing fuel and a knife. In addition, the backpack also had an inscription in Arabic with the name of the terrorist Baha Aliyan, who carried out the attack on the bus in Talpiot in October 2015.

The two boys were arrested and brought for questioning at the Oz station where they admitted to the accusations levelled against them. The investigation revealed that the young men intended to throw the Molotov cocktails at the forces stationed on Meir Nakar Street.

The security personnel has been stationed there for a long time, leading to a significant decrease, according to the police, in the throwing of stones and Molotov cocktails toward the road bordering with Jabel Mukaber.

The youths’ detention was extended until Thursday, when the two boys are expected to be indicted.


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