Palestinians attacked, spat on Saudi blogger visiting Temple Mount

Popular Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, a member of the Arab bloggers & journalists delegation invited to visit Israel, had plastic chairs hurled at him, was spat at and verbally attacked by Palestinians during his visit to Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount, holy to both Muslims and Jews.

By Daniel Salami


A well-known Saudi blogger was attacked in Jerusalem on Monday by Arab protesters angry at his participation in an event hosted by the Israeli government.

Mohammed Saud, famous for his command of Hebrew, was spat at, had plastic chairs hurled at him and was verbally attacked during a visit to the Temple Mount, holy to both Jews and Muslims.

The Foreign Ministry is this week hosting bloggers and journalists from Arab countries with whom Israel does not have diplomatic relations, such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud visits the Temple Mount – Screenshot: YouTube/Ynet

Saud, who is part of the delegation, was also branded a “Zionist” and called “garbage.” He was told to “pray in the synagogue, not in Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

At one point, one protester tried to physically attack Saud, but he was stopped by others who told him, “Don’t touch him, we are still in Al-Aqsa.”

The footage of the incident shows that Saud did not appear to have been joined by companions, security guards or police.

On Monday, the delegation was in Jerusalem, where they visited the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

The delegation is expected to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and the Knesset, as well as meet with officials from the Foreign Ministry, academia and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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