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After his visit, Saudi blogger debunks pervasive lies about Israel

WATCH: Saudi Blogger, Mohammed Saud, confesses visiting Israel was ‘Like Being in Heaven’ saying, ‘I invite you to visit Israel. You will find the propaganda and bad media about Israel not true.’

By Israel Today Staff


Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud was harshly criticized and even violently attacked by Palestinian Arab hardliners for his high-profile visit to Israel last month.

But that didn’t stop Saud from speaking his mind and telling the truth about the situation in an interview with Israeli Messianic YouTuber Hananya Naftali.

In particular, Saud noted that he had grown up believing that Israeli Jews and local Arabs did not at all get along, and the image portrayed by the mainstream media only reinforced that belief. Continue Reading »

Syrian state news agency reports Israeli missile struck Quneitra

The state run news agency reported an attack on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights Thursday; striking a village and causing only material damages with no reports of casualties.

By Reuters


An Israeli missile hit a village in the Kuneitra countryside in Syria’s Golan Heights near the frontier between the two countries on Thursday, Syrian state media said.

State news agency SANA described it as “an Israeli attack” that caused only material damages.

Masyaf, Syria (13 April 2019) Destructive Aftermath of IAF strike on Hezbollah weapons’ storehouses. – Screenshots: ISI / Twitter

Syrian news agency reported on Tuesday night that Israel fired missiles on several weapons depot used by Iranian militias in the Deraa and Kuneitra regions of Syria. Continue Reading »

3 Palestinians Arrested After Assaulting Saudi Blogger in Jerusalem

The three Palestinians were arrested for assaulting the Saudi journalist, part of a unique 6-person media delegation from the Arab world, for spitting at, verbal abuse, and physical assault as he walked through Jerusalem to the Temple Mount.



Three Palestinians were arrested on Tuesday for their alleged involvement in the assault of the Saudi journalist Mahmoud Saud on Temple Mount on Monday, according to the Israel Police.

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Palestinians attacked, spat on Saudi blogger visiting Temple Mount

Popular Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, a member of the Arab bloggers & journalists delegation invited to visit Israel, had plastic chairs hurled at him, was spat at and verbally attacked by Palestinians during his visit to Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount, holy to both Muslims and Jews.

By Daniel Salami


A well-known Saudi blogger was attacked in Jerusalem on Monday by Arab protesters angry at his participation in an event hosted by the Israeli government.

Mohammed Saud, famous for his command of Hebrew, was spat at, had plastic chairs hurled at him and was verbally attacked during a visit to the Temple Mount, holy to both Jews and Muslims. Continue Reading »

Arab Media Delegation Scheduled to Arrive in Israel Today

The delegation of Arab journalists & bloggers from unlikely places such as Saudi Arabia & Iraq will join representatives from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and other unnamed Persian Gulf states to tour Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and have interviews & meetings with Israeli officials.



A month after Bahrain allowed journalists from six Israeli media outlets into the country for the first time to cover the US-sponsored Peace to prosperity workshop, a group of Arab journalists – including for the first time from Saudi Arabia and Iraq – is expected to arrive on Sunday via the Allenby Bridge for meetings in Israel. Continue Reading »

Intransigent Palestinians get EU officials to pressure Trump on accepting ’67 lines

On behalf of the Palestinian autocrat, European countries have reached out to President Trump’s administration over making changes to the proposed U.S. peace plan.
– Chances of the White House taking into account the list of Palestinian demands (via the Europeans) is low, says a diplomatic source.

By Elior Levy


European countries have held talks with President Donald Trump’s administration—at the Palestinian Authority’s behest—in an attempt to change the American peace plan, reported the pan-Arab Al-Hayat newspaper Thursday morning.

Palestinians are reportedly demanding the Trump peace plan be based on the two-state solution predicated on the 1967 borders and east Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.Western Continue Reading »

Syrian state TV: Israel Strikes Syria Again

The Syrian TV news report comes just two days after the IDF allegedly fired several Jericho missiles destroying large sections of an Iranian military base near Damascus.
– WATCH: Israel’s Prime Minister issues clear warning to Syrian & Iranian Leaders

By i24NEWS


Israeli fighter jets bombed several Syrian military installations around the capital of Damascus, a number of local outlets, including the state TV, and witnesses on social media reported on Monday.

Israel Air Force F-15 upgraded Eagles prepped for night mission.- Photo courtesy IDF’s Spokesperson’s Office


Syrian state TV reported the Syrian military’s missile shields intercepted at least three Israeli missiles bound for weapon plants and military bases. Continue Reading »

Joint IDF, Shabak, Israel Police close 8 Arab media offices over incitement to violence

In a joint nighttime operation, the IDF, Border Police, & Shabak arrest 18 wanted Arab terrorists and seal illegal Palestinian media outlets that incite and/or support terrorist attacks on Israelis.

By Ido Ben Porat


Israeli security forces on Tuesday night raided eight Arab media outlets responsible for broadcasting incitement and encouraging terrorism.

The operation was carried out by IDF, Shabak (Israel Security Agency), and the Civil Administration, and included the closing of illegal and inciting media outlets, as well as the confiscation of documents and equipment.

IDF soldiers during Tuesday night’s operation to close inciting, illegal Arab media outlets. – Photo: IDF spokesperson’s Unit.

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Arab media report: Israeli aircraft strike Damascus airport


Shortly after midnight, a Syrian news outlet reported an air strike at the Damascus International Airport, presumably by the Israel Air Force.
– IDF spokesperson declines to comment on foreign reports.

By i24News


Syrian news media outlets early on Friday claimed Israeli aircraft attacked the international Damascus airport.

According to some reports,  an Israeli drone was downed by the Syrian Armed Forces in the course of the operation.

The reports could not be independently verified and the Israel Defense Forces spokesperson declined to comment.

This is a developing story 


View original i24NEWS publication at:
http://www.i24news.tv/en/news/international/middle-east/156030-170922-israeli-aircraft-strike-damascus-airport-local-media-claim Continue Reading »

Saudi Daily Columnist Publicizes Admiration of Israeli Justice System

According to a senior Saudi writer, Al-Harbash, “When a citizen sees one of the most senior figures [from his country] brought to jail, he can wave his finger at the world and say, ‘We have justice here!'” This gives Israel its status as an “honorable” nation, despite accusations of injustice from the Arab world.



A senior columnist for the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah (not to be confused with Al Jazeera) praised Israel’s justice system in his column last month. Dr. Jasser Al-Harbash’s article, translated from Arabic by The Middle East Media Research Institute, stated that the justice system is the “secret of the Zionist entity’s advantage over his neighbors.” Continue Reading »

Israel’s Communications Minister Follows Mid-Eastern States’ Lead to Ban Al-Jazeera


Following the prime minister’s lead, Israel Communications Minister Kara takes steps to close down the inciteful Qatari cable network, but working within the ongoing Middle Eastern stratagem.



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call to shut Qatari media company Al Jazeera’s office in Jerusalem has been translated into action, Communications Minister Ayoub Kara announced.

Kara said on Sunday night he is holding “professional discussions” in his ministry’s legal department, as well as with the Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasting, to draft a bill that would close the cable networks’ Israel studio.

Saudi Arabia closes Al Jazeera offices

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently came out against Al Jazeera in response to its coverage of Palestinian terrorist attacks and rioting in Jerusalem’s Old City, saying that the network is inciting against Israel. Continue Reading »

PM Netanyahu pledges to exile Al-Jazeera from Israel


Prime Minister Netanyahu vows to facilitate the necessary laws in the Knesset to remove the Qatari network from Israel while rallying the government press office, foreign ministry, and defense establishment to began working on it.

By Elad Benari


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sharply criticized the Al-Jazeera network on Wednesday evening, and declared that he would work to remove it from Israel.

“The Al-Jazeera network does not cease to incite to violence around the Temple Mount. I have appealed to law enforcement agencies several times to close the Al-Jazeera office in Jerusalem. If this is not done due to legal interpretation, I will work to enact the necessary laws to remove Al-Jazeera from Israel,” declared Netanyahu. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah shows off its heavy weaponry, missiles in Syria

Hezbollah tanks & APCs -screenshot


The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, with the military capabilities reserved for only national armies, shows off its arsenal of tanks and APCs on foreign soil for the 1st time ever.

By Roi Kais, Ron Ben Yishai


Arab media has published pictures of the massive amounts of Hezbollah forces in Syria. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on the show of force, as did various Hezbollah media outlets.The Shia terror group didn’t officially publish any of the pictures.

Hezbollah tanks and APCs on display

Hezbollah tanks and APCs on display – Arab media

Lebanese media outlets are struggling to understand the message Hezbollah is trying to send with these pictures, especially since the pictures weren’t published by the terror group itself. Continue Reading »

Egyptian parliamentarian & TV host bashed by peers for meeting Israeli envoy for dinner


After Egyptian MP Tawfik Okasha invited Israel’s ambassador for dinner, he was charged with “unforgivable treason” and accused of “hypocrisy” by Egyptian media personalities.

By Elad Benari



An Egyptian TV host and parliamentarian is coming under fire for meeting with the Israeli ambassador to Egypt, the Al-Ahram newspaper reported on Thursday.

With Israeli Ambassador – Twitter screenshot

According to the newspaper, the parliamentarian Tawfik Okasha had dinner on Wednesday with Israeli ambassador Haim Koren and the two talked politics.

Okasha reportedly discussed several local and regional issues with Koren, including the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the construction of the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, according to Al-Ahram, which quoted the Arabic-language Youm7 website.

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Arab journalists in Israel for unprecedented visit


Israeli’s Foreign Ministry hosted a delegation of 4 visiting Arab journalists who live in Europe as part of a new initiative, hoping their personal experience will erase the automatic bias, based on propaganda, when reporting to the Arabic-speaking world.

By Itamar Eichner


The Foreign Ministry hosted a delegation of Arab journalists who live in Europe in an effort to change negative coverage of  Israel.

“The visit to Israel was exciting and unique. It is a shame that most people in the Arab world are still filled with blind hatred and prejudice toward Israel,” said G.M., an Iraqi journalist living in exile in Germany. Continue Reading »