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After his visit, Saudi blogger debunks pervasive lies about Israel

WATCH: Saudi Blogger, Mohammed Saud, confesses visiting Israel was ‘Like Being in Heaven’ saying, ‘I invite you to visit Israel. You will find the propaganda and bad media about Israel not true.’

By Israel Today Staff


Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud was harshly criticized and even violently attacked by Palestinian Arab hardliners for his high-profile visit to Israel last month.

But that didn’t stop Saud from speaking his mind and telling the truth about the situation in an interview with Israeli Messianic YouTuber Hananya Naftali.

In particular, Saud noted that he had grown up believing that Israeli Jews and local Arabs did not at all get along, and the image portrayed by the mainstream media only reinforced that belief. Continue Reading »

3 Palestinians Arrested After Assaulting Saudi Blogger in Jerusalem

The three Palestinians were arrested for assaulting the Saudi journalist, part of a unique 6-person media delegation from the Arab world, for spitting at, verbal abuse, and physical assault as he walked through Jerusalem to the Temple Mount.



Three Palestinians were arrested on Tuesday for their alleged involvement in the assault of the Saudi journalist Mahmoud Saud on Temple Mount on Monday, according to the Israel Police.

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Palestinians attacked, spat on Saudi blogger visiting Temple Mount

Popular Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, a member of the Arab bloggers & journalists delegation invited to visit Israel, had plastic chairs hurled at him, was spat at and verbally attacked by Palestinians during his visit to Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount, holy to both Muslims and Jews.

By Daniel Salami


A well-known Saudi blogger was attacked in Jerusalem on Monday by Arab protesters angry at his participation in an event hosted by the Israeli government.

Mohammed Saud, famous for his command of Hebrew, was spat at, had plastic chairs hurled at him and was verbally attacked during a visit to the Temple Mount, holy to both Jews and Muslims. Continue Reading »

Arab Media Delegation Scheduled to Arrive in Israel Today

The delegation of Arab journalists & bloggers from unlikely places such as Saudi Arabia & Iraq will join representatives from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and other unnamed Persian Gulf states to tour Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and have interviews & meetings with Israeli officials.



A month after Bahrain allowed journalists from six Israeli media outlets into the country for the first time to cover the US-sponsored Peace to prosperity workshop, a group of Arab journalists – including for the first time from Saudi Arabia and Iraq – is expected to arrive on Sunday via the Allenby Bridge for meetings in Israel. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Hamas targeted 70+ journalists to silence ‘Gaza Spring’ reports

The number of journalists reporting from Gaza who were arrested, or beaten, or summoned for interrogation by Hamas security forces in the past week, was much higher than the figures published thus far.
– Palestinian journalist: “They beat me with various types of clubs & sticks.”



More than 70 Palestinian journalists have been targeted by Hamas during the recent protests against economic hardship in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate said on Thursday.

Mohammed Al-Lahham, as senior official with the syndicate, said during a press conference in Ramallah that Hamas’s actions were tantamount to “crimes.” Continue Reading »

Palestinian leadership condemns Arab Journalists visiting Israel as a crime

The Palestinian government seeks to punish 7 foreign Arab journalists for accepting invitation to ‘see for themselves’ Israel, saying normalization with the Jewish State was an “unacceptable and unjustified disgrace,” adding it’s a “political and national sin and an unacceptable crime.”



The Palestinian Authority condemned the visit to Israel by seven Arab journalists and accused them of violating Arab policies that reject normalization with Israel.

The PA on Thursday called for punishing the journalists for allegedly supporting Israel, and said that normalization was an “unacceptable and unjustified disgrace.” Such visits, the PA added, are a “political and national sin and an unacceptable crime.” Continue Reading »

Israel arrests ‘journalists’ charged with incitement, operating Hamas TV channel

IDF detains 20 in a large-scale joint IDF-Shin Bet-Israel Police operation, with forces apprehending five Hamas terrorist operatives as well as a number of Al-Quds TV employees, suspected of incitement relating to their role in operating the Hamas run television channel, which is defined as a terrorist organization.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The IDF arrested twenty wanted suspects over their involvement in terrorism and rioting against both security forces and civilians.

The operation was held in conjunction with the Shin Bet internal security service and the Israel Police.

Internal-memory removed by IDF forces – Screenshot: Al-Quds TV report, Facebook

In a joint IDF-Shin Bet operation in the Ephraim Regional Brigade, forces detained five Hamas terrorist operatives in Qalqilya who are suspected in promoting Hamas terror activities in recent months. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu personally bars Al-Jazeera journalist from State press seminar

Israel’s Prime Minister intervenes to block the pan-Arab network’s Bureau chief Walid al-Omary, from attending a free state-sponsored seminar for journalists on the conflict between ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘national security’, explaining that al-Omari incites against Israel.

By The Associated Press


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has personally intervened to bar an Al-Jazeera journalist from a government conference on press freedoms that uses the pan-Arab broadcaster as a case study.

Al Jazeera’s Jerusalem bureau chief Walid al-Omari – Ynet

Bureau chief Walid al-Omary’s exclusion from attending a seminar titled “Limits of free expression: the dilemma between national security and freedom of the press—Al Jazeera as a case study,” comes a month after Netanyahu threatened to shut the Qatar-based outlet’s Israel offices. Continue Reading »

Welcome to Israel ♥ – Expelled Iranian-born journalist gets asylum in Israel


WATCH: Neda Amin, who was given temporary refugee status in Turkey, thanks Israel for being granted asylum after Ankara threatened to deport her back to Iran for treason – ‘blogging in an Israeli newspaper.’

By Andrew Friedman/TPS


Neda Amin, the Iranian-born journalist who fled Iran in 2014 and was expelled from Turkey last month, arrived in Israel Thursday after being granted a special tourist visa by Interior Minister Aryeh Deri.After she failed to show up for her flight on Monday, fears arose she might have been arrested by Turkish authorities who planned to extradite her to Iran. But after Jerusalem discreetly sought answers from Ankara, Turkish authorities clarified she will be allowed to leave, following which the Israeli consulate in Istanbul purchased a flight ticket for her. Continue Reading »

Presumed betrayed by Turkey, Iranian journalist missed her asylum flight to Israel


The Iranian journalist who’s been living with refugee status in Turkey, was given asylum in Israel after threats of being deported to Iran for treason, ‘spying for the Jewish State.’
– The circumstances surrounding Neda Amin’s disappearance are being investigated.



Foreign Ministry officials in Jerusalem confirmed Monday that Nada Amin, the Iranian journalist who was granted political asylum in Israel, remains in Turkey, and said they were looking into reports she was arrested trying to leave the country.Interior Minister Aryeh Deri granted Amin political asylum Sunday after reports surfaced that Turkey was planning to deport her to Iran. Continue Reading »

Turkish Journalist Protest ‘Humiliation’ by Security Personnel at Israel Cyber Conference


Turkish journalists were appalled at the excessive and offensive treatment they were required to endure at the hands of Israeli security agents at the entrance to the Cyber Conference, just as ‘Israeli and Turkey are trying to normalize relations.’



Three Turkish journalists complained on Tuesday of excessive and offensive behavior towards them carried out by Israeli security staff at Israel’s Cyber Week 2017.

In a letter obtained by The Jerusalem Post‘s sister publication Maariv, economy editor of the Daily Sabah, Seyma Eraz explained that she, Kenan Ozcan, and Emre İzkübarlas from Fox Turkey were invited by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Israeli consulate in Istanbul to cover Cyber Week 2017, taking place at Tel Aviv University. Continue Reading »

Arabic-language media representatives from Algeria and Tunisia in Israel


Israel’s Foreign Ministry hosts a North African media delegation of journalists & bloggers from Algeria and Tunisia in its 6th such initiative of bringing Arabic-language media representatives to empirically learn the truth about the Jewish State.

By Itamar Eichner


Six North African bloggers and journalists have arrived in Israel as guests of the foreign ministry at the invitation of the Deputy Spokesman for Arab Media, Hassan Kaabiya.This is the sixth such initiative undertaken to bring Arabic-language media representatives to Israel.

North African Bloggers visiting the Temple Mount – Photo courtesy

Until now, journalists from Morocco have come to Israel, but this is the first time journalists from Algeria and Tunisia have paid a visit.

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Human Rights Watch: Both Palestinian gov’ts abuse journalists, bloggers


According to NGO Human Rights Watch, Hamas authorities in Gaza and even Abbas’ Palestinian Authority police are silencing dissent and abusing journalists who go against the party line in both Gaza and the West Bank by torture Palestinian journalists in their prisons.

By The Associated Press


Palestinian authorities are silencing dissent by cracking down on free speech and abusing local journalists and activists critical of their policies, a leading international human rights group said Tuesday.

Human Rights Watch said both the Western-backed Palestinian Authority led by President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank and its rival, the ruling Islamic militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, are “arresting, abusing, and criminally charging journalists and activists who express peaceful criticism of the authorities.” Continue Reading »

Future Palestinian State Highly Likely To Be Oppressive Police State


If Abbas, who’s incidentally, now in his 12th year of a 4-year term as president of the PA, condones extrajudicial killings, arrests journalists who report on corruption, intimidate students with violence, and where embezzlement is SOP, how could one not see a future Palestinian State as an oppressive police state?

By Israel Today Staff


A Palestinian university student has provided further evidence that an independent Palestinian state would be an oppressive police state. In fact, it already is.

PA Police

Earlier this week, Emad Halayqa, a student at Beirzeit University in Ramallah, posted to Facebook that he would far rather be arrested by Israel than by the Palestinian Authority. Continue Reading »

Israel’s PM Netanyahu Hosts Journalists From Largest Muslim Nation


Calling for official diplomatic relations between the Jewish State & the largest Muslim country, Israel’s Prime Minister personally hosts delegation of Indonesian journalists.

By Israel Today Staff


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week personally hosted a delegation of senior journalists from Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu with visiting delegation of Indonesian journalists in Jerusalem at the Prime Minister's Office on 28 March 2016. - Photo: Haim Tzach:GPO.png

PM Benjamin Netanyahu with visiting delegation of Indonesian journalists in Jerusalem at the Prime Minister’s Office on 28 March 2016. – Photo: Haim Tzach:GPO.png

Official relations between Israel and Indonesia are cold, at best, though the two nations have long maintained quiet trade, tourism and security contacts.

Netanyahu hopes this visit will encourage warmer, more open relations. Continue Reading »