Palestinians Come to Rescue Jews After Rock Attack Overturned Car in Near-Fatal Accident


Jewish family attacked by rock-throwers near Hebron, then Palestinians from the nearby village rushed to extricate the injured family from the flipped car.

By Israel Today Staff


An Israeli man remains in critical condition after he and his family were attacked by Palestinian stone-throwers near Hebron over the weekend. The incident again demonstrated that stone-throwing is a deadly act of terrorism. But it also served as a reminder that not all Palestinians are terrorists.

Palestinian stone-throwers

Yedaya and Hadassah Sharhaton, along with their one-year-old daughter, were returning home to the southern Hebron hills area Saturday night when a large stone crashed through the windshield of their car and struck Yedayay in the face.

Hadassah recalled in an interview with Israel’s Ynet news portal that she began screaming as her badly wounded husband lost control of the vehicle. The car flipped over and came to rest on the side of the road, and all went silent.

Hadassah said a group of Arabs approached, and she feared the brutal massacre of her family. But one of the Arabs, who had come from the nearby town of Beit Ummar, informed the frightened Israelis that they were there to help.

The Palestinians proceeded to extract the Sharhaton family from the vehicle and contacted the Israeli army and medical services .

Yedaya was taken to Israel’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital with numerous skull fractures, a broken jaw, a crushed eye socket and bleeding on his brain.

On Monday, three Israeli children were lightly wounded when their family’s vehicle similarly came under rock attack in eastern Jerusalem.

Israeli officials have been pushing to label as terrorism the throwing of stones with the intent of injuring or killing. It is this same type of stone-throwing that the international community and media regularly term as “peaceful protest.”


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