Palestinians joined Interpol to incarcerate Mahmoud Abbas’ only serious rival

According to a senior PA official, the main reason for joining Interpol, was to have Mohammed Dahlan arrested.
– According to Dahlan, PA autocrat Abbas is worried that Dahlan intends to take his position as head of the Palestinian Authority, whose mandate actually ended in 2009.

By Daniel Siryoti


Palestinian media reported over the weekend that the Palestinian Authority, on the heels of being accepted as a member state to the international police agency Interpol, will pursue arrest warrants against former high-ranking Fatah official Mohammed Dahlan and several of his associates.

A senior PA official was quoted as saying that “Dahlan and his associates Mohammad Rashid and Walid Najab will be placed on our Interpol list of fugitives.

“Dahlan and his associates, along with other Palestinians, are accused of stealing public funds and acts of corruption, and the objective of joining Interpol was first and foremost to issue warrants for their arrests and bring them to justice,” the official said.

Dahlan fled from PA-controlled areas in the West Bank several years ago, after he was charged with corruption and security-related offenses. Since then, he has alternately resided in Persian Gulf states and in Egypt.


Dahlan has refuted the allegations, saying the PA security apparatus fabricated the charges against him, under orders from PA President Mahmoud Abbas, a bitter political rival.

According to Dahlan, Abbas is worried that Dahlan intends to take his position as head of the PA.

Last week’s decision to accept the Palestinians to Interpol drew an angry Israeli reaction and prompted threats of counteraction. It also raised concerns that the Palestinians might use their newfound status to seek the arrests of Israelis, though Palestinian officials said there were no immediate plans to do so.


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