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Fatah official brutally arrested for suggesting Abbas is senile

A senior Palestinian official and outspoken critic of the PA autocrat Mahmoud Abbas, was arrested “in a brutal manner by the Palestinian security forces,” after posting a comment on Facebook questioning the 84-year-old’s mental health.



A senior Fatah official who called into question the mental health of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been arrested by the Palestinian security forces.

Hussam Khader, 59, an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), was arrested by PA security forces at this home in Balata refugee camp in Nablus on Friday.

Khader, an outspoken critic of the PA leadership, was arrested by the PA’s Protective Security Service after he posted a comment on Facebook criticizing the 84-year-old Abbas’s handling of a recent strike by Palestinian physicians who are demanding a salary increase. Continue Reading »

Hamas rallies thousands of Palestinians in Gaza demanding Abbas resignation

Autocrat Abbas, 84, whose term officially ended in 2009, has over the course of recent months substantially reduced salaries in Gaza, reduced fuel for electricity, and initiated further financial cuts on the already impoverished terrorist enclave.
– Abbas accused Gaza’s kleptocratic rulers of sharing values with Israel.



Thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip protested on Sunday. calling for the resignation of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas following the Ramallah-based leader’s attempts to pressure his rival Hamas with financial cuts in the impoverished enclave.

“Leave!” yelled crowds made up mainly of supporters of Hamas and Mohammed Dahlan, an Abbas rival expelled from the president’s Fatah party and who now lives in exile. Continue Reading »

Analysis: Abbas struggling to survive, convinced world conspiring against him

The aging Palestinian president, whose 4-year-term ended January 2009, is convinced that the whole world is conspiring against him – the Israelis, the Americans, Egypt, among several Arab countries, some Europeans, the special UN coordinator and many, many, Palestinians.



It’s hard to believe that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas enjoyed last week’s Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha – a holiday he often loves to spend with his family, especially the grandchildren.

Just before the feast began, the first reports about an imminent truce agreement between Abbas’s rivals in Hamas and Israel started appearing in various Arab media outlets. Continue Reading »

Palestinians joined Interpol to incarcerate Mahmoud Abbas’ only serious rival

According to a senior PA official, the main reason for joining Interpol, was to have Mohammed Dahlan arrested.
– According to Dahlan, PA autocrat Abbas is worried that Dahlan intends to take his position as head of the Palestinian Authority, whose mandate actually ended in 2009.

By Daniel Siryoti


Palestinian media reported over the weekend that the Palestinian Authority, on the heels of being accepted as a member state to the international police agency Interpol, will pursue arrest warrants against former high-ranking Fatah official Mohammed Dahlan and several of his associates.

A senior PA official was quoted as saying that “Dahlan and his associates Mohammad Rashid and Walid Najab will be placed on our Interpol list of fugitives. Continue Reading »

Portraying a dictator, PA president Abbas ousts another parliamentarian from Fatah movement


Coming to the defense of the latest expelled Palestinian Legislative Council leader, Mohammed Dahlan told the BBC on Sunday that no one has the authority to oust Fatah members from the party. “He who thinks he can expel members from Fatah should know that he does not possess such authority,” Dahlan said.



Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ousted parliamentarian Jihad Tummaleh from his Fatah faction on Saturday.

“Jihad Tummaleh is expelled from Fatah,” read an official Fatah memo.

Tummaleh was elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006 to represent Ramallah and its twin city, El-Bireh. Continue Reading »

Arab Media Report: Arab countries want Abbas out, archrival in


view videoWith Mahmoud Abbas having finished his (4 year) elected presidency 10 years ago, the UAE, Egypt & Jordan are reportedly planning to have the PA chairman replaced with his old nemesis, Mohammed Dahlan.

By Ben Ariel, Canada


The United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan are planning for a post-Mahmoud Abbas era in the Palestinian Authority, which would leave Abbas’s arch-rival Mohammed Dahlan in control of the PA, the Middle East Eye website exposed on Friday.

Mohammed Dahlan (right) and Mahmoud Abbas (left)

Senior Palestinian and Jordanian sources told MEE separately of the plan. Although there were differences in emphasis – the Jordanian source added caveats about Dahlan’s known weaknesses – they independently corroborated the existence of a joint plan of action. Continue Reading »

Abbas is suggesting his rival Dahlan killed Arafat


Dahlan denies Abbas’ cynical claims, says when the time is ripe, he will “unveil the lies” surrounding death of Arafat, calling it “the most dangerous issue of our modern history.”




RAMALLAH, West Bank – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has accused one of his main rivals, Mohammed Dahlan, of involvement in six murders, hinting that he might also be behind the death of former leader Yasser Arafat.

Dahlan & Mahmoud Abbas Photo: TARA TODRAS-WHITEHILL / REUTERS

Mohammed Dahlan & Mahmoud Abbas – Photo: TARA TODRAS-WHITEHILL/REUTERS

Dahlan, who lives in exile in the Gulf, denied the allegations of his arch foe Abbas, their bitter row now playing out publicly across the Palestinian media and on social media. Continue Reading »

Israeli Hebrew Daily: Israel Reaching Out to Fatah Terrorist Dahlan

Newspaper Report claims Israel’s PMO carrying out secret talks with banished Fatah terrorist Mohammed Dahlan in Dubai, anticipating that he could replace Abbas should peace-talks fail.

By David Lev


A report Thursday said that Israel was carrying out secret talks with banished Fatah terrorist Mohammed Dahlan. According to a report in Maariv, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has dispatched a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office, Yitzchak Molcho, to meet with Dahlan in Dubai, where he absconded to in 2010 when he was thrown out of Ramallah.

Dahlan, former security chief for the Palestinan Authority, has often been at odds with the PA leadership. Continue Reading »