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OPINION: Will the ICC be the first to arrest Israelis abroad, or Interpol?

With the international community accepting the State of Palestine in global organizations, NGOs and UN committees, Abbas and the PLO have already initiated war crimes probes against Israel, so, who will be the first to issue arrest warrants, and to whom?



Following last month’s acceptance of the “The State of Palestine” as a member of Interpol, a new question has come to the fore: What is the greatest legal threat now to Israel? Interpol or the International Criminal Court? Both institutions have the potential authority to issue international arrest warrants against Israelis for alleged war crimes. Continue Reading »

Palestinians joined Interpol to incarcerate Mahmoud Abbas’ only serious rival

According to a senior PA official, the main reason for joining Interpol, was to have Mohammed Dahlan arrested.
– According to Dahlan, PA autocrat Abbas is worried that Dahlan intends to take his position as head of the Palestinian Authority, whose mandate actually ended in 2009.

By Daniel Siryoti


Palestinian media reported over the weekend that the Palestinian Authority, on the heels of being accepted as a member state to the international police agency Interpol, will pursue arrest warrants against former high-ranking Fatah official Mohammed Dahlan and several of his associates.

A senior PA official was quoted as saying that “Dahlan and his associates Mohammad Rashid and Walid Najab will be placed on our Interpol list of fugitives. Continue Reading »

Interpol admits Palestinian Authority despite unfulfilled membership requirements

Interpol’s general assembly overwhelmingly approved the PA’s entry by 75-24 this morning, clearing the way for the commencement of Palestinian ‘lawfare’ arrests warrants on Israeli politicians, IDF soldiers and assorted dignitaries traveling outside of Israel.

By Itamar Eichner


The Palestinian Authority was admitted into the world policing organization Interpol as a member state Wednesday, frustrating efforts by Israel and the US to pressure the organization’s Executive Committees to block the move before it reached the general assembly.

Abbas addresses UNGA 2016 – Screenshot UN YouTube

Israel had hoped Interpol’s Executive Committee, which sets the general assembly’s agenda, would decide not to put the Palestinian request on the docket on the grounds that “Palestine” is not a state according to Interpol’s own parameters. Continue Reading »

Israel’s National Security Council foiled the Palestinian attempt to enter Interpol


Prime Minister Netanyahu on Tuesday morning thanked the official’s of Israel’s Foreign Office and the National Security Council for successfully preventing the Palestinian bid to join Interpol.

By Yoel Domb


Prime Minister Netanyahu said Tuesday that Israel had prevented the Palestinian Authority from joining Interpol. Netanyahu was speaking at the inauguration of the new railway system in the Jezreel Valley.

Netanyahu - Screenshot

Netanyahu – Screenshot

“This morning we foiled an attempt by the Palestinians to join Interpol. This would have constituted a change in Israel’s international status. The matter was achieved through intensive work by Foreign Office officials and the National Security Council and I am grateful to them for their efforts.” Continue Reading »

Israel trying to bar ‘Palestine’ from joining Interpol


Israeli officials point to concerns that Palestinian police will leak sensitive information to terrorist groups, while the PA would turn Interpol into a “political body” driven by external considerations, as they have in other forums.



Israel is hoping to stop an attempt by the PA to join Interpol – the International Criminal Police Organization – at its 85th general assembly in Indonesia next week.

Israeli diplomats are extensively lobbying Interpol members to reject the Palestinian Authority’s bid, either by having it thrown out on a technicality or by swaying one-third of the 190 member states not to approve Palestinian membership. Continue Reading »