PLO: UN Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process, ‘unacceptable’

The PLO, basically run by PA kleptocrat Mahmoud Abbas and claimant to being “the sole representative of the Palestinian ‘people’,” has informed the UN that their Special Coordinator, “is no longer acceptable to the state of Palestine,” for bypassing Abbas to attain a cease-fire between Hamas & Israel.

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The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) informed the UN chief that Nickolay Mladenov has overstepped his role as Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process by pursuing negotiations with Hamas and trying to recruit aid into the Gaza Strip from other Arab countries.

PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Ahmed Majdalan said that Mladenov “is no longer acceptable to the state of Palestine,” local media reported.

United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In recent months, there have been behind-the-scenes negotiations facilitated by Mladenov and Egypt for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and a potential long-term peace arrangement.

But attempts by Egypt to negotiate a long term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and bring much-needed humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza recently lost momentum, with Cairo instead turning its focus towards intra-Palestinian reconciliation.

As a result, new efforts have been made involving Qatar and other possible gulf countries, such as Saudi Arabia, in reaching a multilateral agreement that would see Hamas rein in months of violent protests in exchange of humanitarian aid.

The mostly non-operational Gaza Power Plant. – Gisha

Yesterday, Qatar pledged $150 million in aid for Gaza, a day after fuel purchased by the Gulf state arrived at the only power station in the Hamas-run enclave.

The move may have contributed to the PLO response, with Majdalan explaining that Mladenov exceeded his capacity in “pursuing agreements between Hamas and the occupation government [of Israel].”

Abbas has felt increasingly sidelined by ongoing negotiations, and has said his government would only lift punitive sanctions targeting Hamas if the group agrees to cede control over the Gaza Strip.

Majdalan explained that Mladenov’s activity has “affected Palestinian national security and the unity of the Palestinian people.”

Palestinian kleptocrates: Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh (left) and his second-in-comand, Gaza leader, Yahya Sinwar (center) with their Fatah arch enemy, Mahmoud Abbas (right).

PA officials have spoken out about their concern that Israel and the United States have sought to sow division between the Hamas-run Gaza Strip and the PA-run West Bank in order to weaken the Palestinian position in potentially negotiating a deal in the conflict and lending credence to Israel’s claim that it lacks a legitimate partner for peace.

Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel departed Cairo on Tuesday for a series of meetings with the Palestinian Authority, Israel and Jordan during which he was expected to up pressure on Abbas to cooperate with ongoing efforts to reach a long-term solution for Gaza.

Hamas welcomed the transfer of Qatari fuel Wedneday as “the first step towards easing the siege and the crises in Gaza” and said that “further steps would be taken against the Palestinian Authority.”

Israel and Hamas have been brought to the brink of war on multiple occasions in past months as weekly border protests taking place each Friday since March 30 have triggered frequent clashes between the two sides.


Senior Middle East Correspondent Mohammad Al-Kassim contributed to this report.


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