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PLO: UN Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process, ‘unacceptable’

The PLO, basically run by PA kleptocrat Mahmoud Abbas and claimant to being “the sole representative of the Palestinian ‘people’,” has informed the UN that their Special Coordinator, “is no longer acceptable to the state of Palestine,” for bypassing Abbas to attain a cease-fire between Hamas & Israel.

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The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) informed the UN chief that Nickolay Mladenov has overstepped his role as Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process by pursuing negotiations with Hamas and trying to recruit aid into the Gaza Strip from other Arab countries.

PLO Executive Committee member Dr. Ahmed Majdalan said that Mladenov “is no longer acceptable to the state of Palestine,” local media reported. Continue Reading »

Abbas at UN urges Israel to abandon “security obsessions”

State of Palestine President, Mahmoud Abbas, urged Israel to abandon “security obsessions and pretexts,” and to “sow the seeds of good neighborliness.”


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday in New York, saying that the Palestinians refuse to enter into  “a vortex” of new interim agreements with Israel.

Abbas speaks at the UN General Assembly.

Abbas speaks at the UN General Assembly. – Photo: AFP

Speaking for the first time in the name of the State of Palestine, Abbas said raising the status of Palestine was not aimed at deligitimizing Israel, but “to consecrate the legitimacy of a State that must exist, which is Palestine.” Continue Reading »