Report: Egypt constructs new underground barrier with Gaza

According to the Egyptians, the 2 kilometer long wall/underground barrier is designed to prevent armed Palestinian terrorists from crossing into Egypt overland or through terror-tunnels.

By Gary Willig


Egypt has begun construction of a new border wall along the Gaza Strip, according to a report by Al Monitor.

The construction began in late January as Egypt began a series of new projects to boost security on the Gaza border and prevent infiltration by terrorist and extremist elements from Gaza.

Map of Israel-Gaza-Egypt border with Egyptian border barrier – Wikimedia

When completed, the new wall will stretch from the Kerem Shalom Crossing to the Rafah Crossing, a distance of about two kilometers (1.2 miles). It will be six meters high (about 20 feet) and extend 20 meters (approx. 65.5 feet) underground.

The Egyptian government believes that the wall will prevent infiltration by gunmen as well as the construction of new cross-border tunnels into Egypt.

The announcement of the wall comes as the Egyptian military announced on February 3 that “having found south of the Rafah security camps’ yard a nearly 3-kilometer-long [underground] tunnel coming from the Gaza Strip to the heart of the [Egyptian border city of] Rafah,”

Egyptian construction of 2 km long underground, anti-tunnel barrier, on their Gaza border. – Photo: [unattributed]

There were no reported protests in response to the announcement of the new border wall from inside Gaza.


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