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3 Palestinians dead after Egypt pumps toxic gas into Hamas terror-tunnel

The tunnels dug from Gaza beneath Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula are used by Palestinians to bypass the Rafah Border Crossing in order to smuggle in stolen fuel and other goods along with weapons into the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave.

By i24NEWS


Three Palestinians died on Thursday after Egypt pumped toxic gas into a Gaza smuggling tunnel, Israel’s N12 news reports.

The tunnel stretches from the Gaza Strip to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

The smuggling tunnels dug under the Philadelphi Corridor along the Egypt-Gaza border are used by Palestinians to bypass the Rafah Border Crossing. Fuel, food and other goods along with weapons are brought into the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave from Egypt via the tunnel system. Continue Reading »

Report: Egypt constructs new underground barrier with Gaza

According to the Egyptians, the 2 kilometer long wall/underground barrier is designed to prevent armed Palestinian terrorists from crossing into Egypt overland or through terror-tunnels.

By Gary Willig


Egypt has begun construction of a new border wall along the Gaza Strip, according to a report by Al Monitor.

The construction began in late January as Egypt began a series of new projects to boost security on the Gaza border and prevent infiltration by terrorist and extremist elements from Gaza.

Map of Israel-Gaza-Egypt border with Egyptian border barrier – Wikimedia

When completed, the new wall will stretch from the Kerem Shalom Crossing to the Rafah Crossing, a distance of about two kilometers (1.2 miles). Continue Reading »

Israel completes heightening Egyptian border fence to 8 meters


Israel’s border fence was extended from 5 meters to 8 meters high along a 17-kilometer stretch is meant to squash the trickle of illegal African migration, and drug & weapons trafficking from the Sinai.



Israel has finished raising the height of the electronic “smart” fence along part of the border with Egypt to stop infiltration into the country by migrants, the Defense Ministry reported.

Construction of the original barrier, equipped with information collection centers and warning systems and known as the Hourglass Project, was completed in 2014 at a height of five meters along 242 kilometers, from the Gaza Strip to Eilat on the Red Sea. Continue Reading »

Egypt destroys a 3km long smuggling tunnel originating in Gaza


While reconciliation talks between Egypt & Hamas regarding their common border was ongoing, the Egyptian security forces found and destroyed a 3 km smuggling tunnel containing weapons, generators, and engineering equipment.

By Roi Kais


The Egyptian border guard destroyed a three kilometer long tunnel between Rafah, Egypt and the Gaza Strip, one of the longest tunnels discovered at the border between the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula, according to Egyptian security sources Thursday.

Hamas tunnel

The tunnel’s opening point, located in the house of an Egyptian smuggler from the Al Barazeel neighborhood in Rafah, Egypt is made out of concrete and steel. Continue Reading »

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Egyptian soldiers shoot & kill naked Palestinian who illegally crossed Gaza-Sinai border




Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were enraged on Saturday after Al Jazeera television aired footage of Egyptian soldiers shooting and killing a Palestinian man who had wandered into the Egypt side of the Rafah crossing through the beach.

In the clip, the man is seen entering the water along the Sinai-Gaza divide. After he steps a few meters into the Egyptian side, he is hit by live fire.

The victim has been identified as Ishak Khalil Hassan, 28, from the Gaza City neighborhood of Zeitoun. Continue Reading »

IDF fortifies Egyptian border

In protecting Israel from tumultuous regional changes, IDF has fortified its defense against Sinai’s terrorists & smugglers with engineering obstacles to prevent infiltration by foot or vehicle, along with additional combat outposts.

By Ilana Curiel


The IDF has been taking steps recently to strengthen the security of Pitchat Nitzana, a block of communities located in the western Negev, in response to evolving terrorist threats from the Sinai Peninsula and the growing frequency of violent smuggling incidents.

IDF troops near Egypt border – Photo: Roee Idan

An incident that occurred last October, in which two IDF soldiers from the Caracal Battalion were wounded when militants from Sinai fired rifles and an anti-tank missile at an IDF jeep, only emphasized the necessity of setting up a tighter security ring around the area. Continue Reading »

Egyptian soldiers shot dead 2 Israeli smugglers on its border with Israel

Two drug smugglers hit in shoot-out with Egyptian soldiers operating on Israeli and Egyptian sides of the border.
• After IDF fired warning shots, the 2 smugglers were evacuated but later succumbed to their wounds.

By Yoav Zitun


Two Israeli smugglers were killed on Tuesday morning during an exchange of fire between Egyptian soldiers and a smuggling cell with operatives on both the Israeli and Egyptian sides of the border.

Egyptian army watch tower monitors movement on its border between Israel & Egypt. – Photo: Reuters

IDF forces shot warning shots into the air and later evacuated the smugglers, who had been in critically wounded during the incident and later succumbed to their wounds. Continue Reading »

Egyptian families flee homes on Egypt’s Gaza border as army begins buffer zone moat

The attack that left 31 Egyptian security personnel dead, believed by Cairo to have been assisted by Hamas, was the last straw leading to the decision of a ‘tunnel free’, 13-kilometer (8-mile) buffer zone with Gaza.


Hundreds of Egyptians living along the border with the Gaza Strip evacuated their homes on Wednesday, after the army ordered them out to make way for a planned buffer zone meant to stop militants and smugglers, officials said.

Egyptian side of Rafah.

Egyptian security forces secure houses which were destroyed by the Egyptian army on the Egyptian side of the border town of Rafah, October 29, 2014.

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Israeli weed smokers gasping for lower prices


With construction of security border-barrier on the Egyptian border coming to an end, the number of Israeli drug consumers goes down because prices are now sky-high.

Police say Eastern Jordanian frontier may become alternative route for drug trafficking.

By Reuters


Israel’s newly fortified Egyptian border has delivered a severe blow to drug smugglers, forcing its hashish and marijuana smokers to deal with a new kind of high – soaring prices.

IDF Desert Worriers keeping their eyes focused on the border. Photo: Courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The ravines that snake past rocky red mountains once provided a popular, low-risk route for traffickers to run drugs, women and African migrants into Israel over the southern frontier along Egypt’s Sinai desert. Continue Reading »

Egypt eliminates homes, groves & more of Hamas’ tunnels on Gaza border


Egyptian military officials reportedly had 6,000 square meters (64,500 feet) of olive groves leveled, explaining how terrorists use them for camouflage to launch military assaults against Egyptian border guards, & to smuggle stolen fuel, goods, drugs & weapons.

By Israel Hayom Staff & News Agencies


The Egyptian military has leveled large tracts of olive groves near the city of Rafah, destroying smuggling infrastructure and detonating several thousand liters of fuel, according to Palestinian and Egyptian reports.

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Hamas furious over Egyptian move at creating buffer zone with Gaza


Egyptian families in Sinai protest after their homes were demolished to create a buffer zone with Hamas ruled Gaza.



The Hamas government said Sunday it was “surprised” to hear that Egypt is planning to create a buffer zone along the border with the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian soldiers keep guard in Sinai

Egyptian soldiers keep guard in Sinai – Photo: REUTERS

Ehab Ghissin, spokesman for the Hamas government, said that there should be no buffer zones “between brothers and friendly countries.”

Ghissin expressed hope that the Egyptian move would not “solidify the blockade” and increase the suffering of the people in the Gaza Strip. Continue Reading »

Mubarak to be released as Egypt’s army on high alert in Sinai, Gaza border crossing closed



Report:  State of emergency in Sinai after at least 24 Egyptian policemen were killed in ambush by militants.

Egyptian prosecutor expects Egypt’s former President Mubarak to be released from jail this week.




Egyptian authorities on Monday were on high alert after suspected Islamist militants killed at least 24 Egyptian policemen in the Sinai peninsula, where attacks on security forces have multiplied since the army overthrew Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on July 3.

Trucks carrying Egyptian army tanks arriving in Rafah city [file].

Trucks carrying Egyptian army tanks arriving in Rafah city [file]. – Photo: REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Egyptian daily Al-Ahram quoted security officials as saying that military and police have declared a state of emergency in northern Sinai, deploying roadblocks in the area in an effort to combat terrorists.The

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Jerusalem grants additional Egyptian infantry units’ entry into Sinai

Special authorization granted due to recent terrorist attacks in Sinai.


Main Morsi opposition group calls to suspend Camp David accords.


Senior US diplomat Burns urges ‘inclusive’ transition to democracy.

By Yoav Zitun

Israel authorized the Egyptian army on Monday to deploy two infantry battalions in the Sinai Peninsula, despite the fact that an appendix to the peace treaty between the two countries forbids Egyptian military presence in the area.

בקשת הצבא המצרי התקבלה על רקע ההחרפה בסיני (צילום: רויטרס)

Egyptian tank in Sinai – Photo: Reuters

The battalions are expected to deploy in the El-Arish and Rafah sectors as part of the effort to quell the increased Islamist terrorist activity, which included an attempt on the life of a senior military official. Continue Reading »

In coordination with Jerusalem, Egypt moved additional troops to the Sinai-Gaza border

After Morsi told to resign, Egypt’s army takes over key logistical structures and positions troops to avoid civil bloodshed.

JERUSALEM — Egypt, amid major unrest in the country, has moved troops and armored vehicles to the Sinai-Gaza border area in coordination with Israel.

Egyptian SecurityThe movement on Tuesday comes as the Egyptian military issued an ultimatum to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, calling on him to step down or face an escalation of the protests against his government. Millions of Egyptians already have taken to the streets to protest Morsi’s rule.

Under the 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, Egypt must coordinate troop movement in the Sinai with Israel.

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New Data: 99% Less Illegal Aliens

The number of illegal entries into Israel from Egypt has dropped from 9,570 in the 1st 6 months of last year to 34 this year.

By Maayana Miskin


Illegal entry to Israel from Egypt is a mere fraction of what it was just last year, new data from the Immigration and Population Authority has revealed.

Israel's security fence along the border with Egypt - Photo: Reuters

Israel’s security fence along the border with Egypt – Photo: Reuters

While 9,570 citizens of various African countries entered Israel illegally in the first half of 2012, only 34 did the same in the first six months of 2013 – a decrease of over 99 percent. Continue Reading »