Report: Jordan thwarts Iranian-planned terror plot

Jordanian security forces reported to have  arrested foreigner possessing 45 kg of high-grade explosives in ‘most serious case in a decade’. 

By Roi Kais


The Jordanian newspaper Al Rai reported Monday morning that Jordanian security forces had foiled a terror plot by a member of an Iranian-backed group.

Joint training by Jordanian and US militaries (Archive Photo: Getty Images)
Joint training by Jordanian and US militaries – Archive Photo: Getty Images

According to the report, the suspect belongs to the Iranian Bayt al-Maqdis group – which is unrelated to the identically named Egyptian group has recently changed its moniker sworn allegiance to the Islamic State group.

The suspect reportedly holds Iraqi and Norwegian citizenship, was arrested in northern Jordan, and found to be in possession of large amounts of explosives.

Jordan’s state security court was set to hold its first hearing on the case on Monday.

A Jordanian source familiar with the investigation told Al Rai that 45 kilograms (about 99 pounds) of explosives were found in the suspect’s possession.

The Jordanian source told the newspaper that a major terror operation had been averted. “This is the most serious case in a decade in terms of the quantity of explosives discovered and their quality,” said the source.


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