Responding to Hamas’ growing woes, Fatah leader Abbas, tightens the screws

Palestinian Authority autocrat Mahmoud Abbas feels Gazans are quickly reaching the point when their despair will outweigh their fear of Hamas reprisals, so Abbas is determined to exploit this window of opportunity by turning up the heat, making the Gazan’s lives even more miserable.

By Ariel Schmidberg and Ram Liran


While Hamas celebrated Friday’s deadly terrorist attack on the Temple Mount, which it hoped would spark a destabilizing religious war in the region, underneath the surface the terrorist organization’s situation is far from joyous.

Thousands of Gazans in Jabalya marched toward the Hamas-owned electricity company in protest of repeated power outages. – Screenshot from Twitter post.

According to Israeli assessments, Hamas’ leadership is growing increasingly concerned about a popular uprising that could jeopardize its rule over the Gaza Strip.

Based on assessments in Israel, the severe power crisis in Gaza in recent weeks has the potential, from Hamas’ perspective, to turn into the “perfect storm.” The recent measures implemented by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas — namely stopping the transfer of significant funds to Gaza and cutting the electricity supply — have essentially backed Hamas against a wall.

The PA senses that Hamas is vulnerable, Israeli officials believe, which has led it to amplify the pressure on the terrorist organization. Abbas’ goal is to bring Hamas to its knees and force it to give the PA renewed — albeit limited — power in the enclave. PA officials in Ramallah feel Gazans are fast approaching the point when their despair will outweigh their fear of Hamas’ reprisals, and they are determined to exploit the window of opportunity.



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