Rock-throwing terrorists face 4 serious charges in court

The Muslim youths who hospitalized unconscious baby Avigail with a fractured skull, first threw prepared firebombs on the road in order to slow down vehicles driven by Jews, then threw rocks intentionally seeking to cause  serious bodily harm.

By Ari Soffer and Gil Ronen


Prosecutors have filed charges at the Jerusalem District’s juvenile court against seven Arab youths from the village of Tzur Baher, over a rock-throwing attack which left a two year-old girl seriously injured in the capital’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood.

Suspect in rock attack – Israel Police spokesman’s unit

The indictment states that the seven youths attacked the car in which toddler Avigail Ben-Tzion was traveling, along with her mother and siblings, in a brutal attack on November 28.

Avigail suffered serious head injuries and was admitted to Jerusalem’s Hadassa Ein Kerem hospital. She was discharged three days later after her condition improved, and is currently recovering at home.

The indictment further alleges that the Arab gang were targeting cars driven by Jews specifically out of sheer anti-Semitism, with the intent to cause damage and serious injury. It further added that they hurled prepared firebombs at traffic between Tzur Baher and the Asher Weiner street, with the intent to cause cars to slow down and make it easier to hit them with rocks.

They began throwing the rocks, one of which smashed the rear window of a car and struck the head of Avigail Ben-Tzion. As a result, the baby lost consciousness, and suffered a fractured skull and cuts in her scalp.

The youths are accused of deliberately endangering human life in a traffic lane, grievously causing intentional bodily harm, conspiring to commit a crime, deliberately damaging a vehicle and manufacturing a weapon. The prosecution asked that they be held in jail until the end of their trial.


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