Russia’s Removal of S-300 Missile Ban to Iran was Decision of Principle, not Practice

Tass media in Moscow cites Russia’s deputy FM as saying gesture alone of removing weapons sales ban was important but no transfer of advanced weaponry is expected in near future.



MOSCOW – Supplying Iran with Russian S-300 missile defense systems is not a matter of the nearest future, TASS news agency quoted a Foreign Ministry official as saying on Thursday.

S-300 mobile missile launching systems – Photo: REUTERS

“It is more important that a political and legal decision, which opens up such a possibility, is taken,” Sergei Ryabkov, a deputy foreign minister, said according to TASS.

On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama warned that the United States could “penetrate” Iran’s S-300 supply if Russia sold the advanced missile defense system to the Islamic Republic.

Speaking on the MSNBC program “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Obama underlined that the US objected to Russia’s decision to lift a ban on the sale to Iran of the S-300 air-defense missile system.

The US president said the move was of particular concern due to the ongoing negotiations between world powers and the Islamic Republic on a final deal regarding Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

Moscow’s move to provide the surface-to-air missile system to Tehran, which irked the West and drew protests particularly from Israel, followed an initial deal under which Tehran would curb its nuclear activities in exchange for an end to economic sanctions. staff contributed to this report.

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