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Russian report: Moscow allows Hezbollah to fly Russian flag in Syria

Since Moscow is still angry over losing a plane during IAF attack in Syria this past September, a Russian newspaper reported that the Kremlin made a deal with Iran that allows Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian Shiite groups operating in Syria full protection by operating under its flag to evade an Israeli response.

By Alex Fishman


Moscow is allowing fighters from Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian Shiite groups operating in Syria to carry Russian flags in order to protect them from Israeli airstrikes, Russia’s Kommersant newspaper reported Wednesday.

The report follows a Russian snub earlier this week to Israeli military officials, as Moscow appears reluctant to ease its anger over the loss of one of its planes during an IAF bombing raid in Syria in September. Continue Reading »

Russia acquiesces following request from Jerusalem, freezes Iran missile sale


Following Russian confirmation that Hezbollah has already gained possession of Iranian missiles not intended for them, Moscow has accepted diplomatic requests by Israel to freeze controversial sale of heavy anti-air missiles to Iran.

By David Rosenberg


Russian President Vladimir Putin has frozen missiles bound for Iran amid Israeli protest of the sale, the Kuwaiti paper Al-Jarida reports.

Russian S-300 missile systems – Reuters

According to the report, an order of S-300 heavy surface-to-air missiles purchased by Iran has been put on hold by the Russian leader following talks with Israeli officials.

Israel criticized the sale, claiming that at least some of the S-300 missiles would likely fall into the hands of the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon. Continue Reading »

Russia’s Removal of S-300 Missile Ban to Iran was Decision of Principle, not Practice

Tass media in Moscow cites Russia’s deputy FM as saying gesture alone of removing weapons sales ban was important but no transfer of advanced weaponry is expected in near future.



MOSCOW – Supplying Iran with Russian S-300 missile defense systems is not a matter of the nearest future, TASS news agency quoted a Foreign Ministry official as saying on Thursday.

S-300 mobile missile launching systems – Photo: REUTERS

“It is more important that a political and legal decision, which opens up such a possibility, is taken,” Sergei Ryabkov, a deputy foreign minister, said according to TASS.

On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama warned that the United States could “penetrate” Iran’s S-300 supply if Russia sold the advanced missile defense system to the Islamic Republic. Continue Reading »

Russia lifts weapons ban to Iran with promise of S-300 anti-missile rocket system

Iran’s Defense Minister praises Moscow’s decision to cancel embargo on shipment of the advanced S-300 anti-missile rocket systems to his country.

By Elad Benari


Iran’s Defense Minister, Hossein Dehqan, on Monday welcomed Russia’s decision to lift a ban on the delivery of S-300 anti-missile rocket systems to his country, claiming the decision would help maintain stability in the region.

S-300 missile defense batteries – Reuters

“The expansion of cooperation [with Russia] and improving cooperation with other neighboring countries in various fields can be very effective in establishing sustainable stability and security in the region,” Dehqan said, according to Iran’s PressTV. Continue Reading »