Syrian state TV: Israel Strikes Syria Again

The Syrian TV news report comes just two days after the IDF allegedly fired several Jericho missiles destroying large sections of an Iranian military base near Damascus.
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Israeli fighter jets bombed several Syrian military installations around the capital of Damascus, a number of local outlets, including the state TV, and witnesses on social media reported on Monday.

Israel Air Force F-15 upgraded Eagles prepped for night mission.- Photo courtesy IDF’s Spokesperson’s Office


Syrian state TV reported the Syrian military’s missile shields intercepted at least three Israeli missiles bound for weapon plants and military bases.

The targets reportedly included the highly secretive scientific research center at Jamraya.

The report comes two days after Israeli reportedly fired several missiles at an Iranian military base just south of the Syrian capital.

The Israel Defense Forces spokesperson offered no comment on either report.

Israel has acknowledged carrying out repeated air and missile strikes in Syria since the outbreak of the bloody civil war six years ago to stop arms deliveries to Hezbollah, with which it fought a devastating 2006 conflict.

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