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Abbas hysterically phoning world leaders, PA envoy seeks emergency Arab League session

After a number of US media outlets reported President Trump was going to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday, the Palestinian despot scurried to call EU and Arab leaders to discuss “necessary steps regarding this irresponsible American measure.”



Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki on Sunday asked the heads of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to host emergency meetings over US President Donald Trump possibly recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Over the weekend, a number of US media outlets reported that Trump is going to deliver a speech on Wednesday, in which he will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Continue Reading »

Abbas tells French Senate: PA may end Security Cooperation over Israel’s ‘colonization’


In yet another display of frustration, PA autocrat Mahmoud Abbas delivers another of his dramatic threats, this time to his closest supporter, the French government.



PARIS – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday he could be forced to suspend security cooperation with Israel if the ramp-up of Israeli settlements continued.

Francois Hollande and Abbas – Arab media

“If the colonization continues, I would have no other choice, it would not be my fault,” Abbas told France’s Senate during a visit to Paris.

On Tuesday, he met President Francois Hollande, who voiced concern over a law retroactively legalizing about 4,000 settler homes built on privately owned Palestinian land in the West Bank. Continue Reading »