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Australian Professor Sued by ‘Shurat HaDin’ for Promoting Boycotts of Israel


Under Federal anti-discrimination laws, Israel’s ‘Shurat HaDin’ filed a class action complaint in Sydney against an Australian professor’s participation & his public support of boycotts of Israel.

By Rina Tzvi


An Israeli civil rights group, Shurat HaDin, has filed a class action complaint under the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 with the Australian Human Rights Commission over a Sydney professor’s participation and public support of boycotts of Israel including an academic boycott of  Israeli universities.

Recently, faculty and students at Sydney University called for the severing of links with Israeli institutions, actions that would be deemed racist and in violation of Australian Federal anti- discrimination laws. Continue Reading »

Facebook Shuts Down Anti-Semitic Page Showing Graphic Holocaust Photos

Example: Photograph of Mass Jewish Grave Is Labeled, ‘Lazy Jews’



Facebook has removed a page featuring anti-Jewish content, including a photo of murdered Jews in a mass grave at Bergen-Belsen with the headline “Lazy Jews.”

graphic face

From the Jewish Daily Forward

In response to a formal complaint by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Mia Garlick, Facebook’s Sydney-based manager of communications and policy, confirmed Saturday that the Jewish memes page was no longer available.

Peter Wertheim, executive director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, welcomed the removal and said that Facebook’s decision about another 15 such pages about which the council has complained is pending. Continue Reading »

Australian FM Carr asserts Zygier did work for Israel

Australia’s Bob Carr confirms Zygier’s dual citizenship & that he worked for Israeli gov’t, though not specifying Mossad spy agency.

Carr says Australia will strongly protest if its passports were misused.

By the Associated Press


Australia’s foreign minister has confirmed for the first time that an Australian-Israeli man who mysteriously died in a maximum-security Israeli prison had been working for Israel’s government.

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr – Screenshot

But Foreign Minister Bob Carr did not say if Ben Zygier was working for the Mossad spy agency as has been reported.

Carr stressed however, that Zygier was not connected to the 2010 assassination of Hamas henchman Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Continue Reading »

Gag Order Removed by Court on Mossad Australian ‘Prisoner X’

Israeli Judge cancels gag order on investigation into ‘Prisoner X’, an Australian who allegedly was a Mossad agent who committed suicide in prison in 2010.

By Arutz Sheva staff


The District Court in Lod removed the gag order on an investigation into Israel’s mysterious Prisoner X, an Australian citizen named Ben Zygier who allegedly committed suicide in an Israeli prison in 2010.

Ben Zygier

The story of so-called Prisoner X first surfaced in May 2010 when Israel’s Ynet news website ran a story in which it alleged that a prisoner was being held in top-secret conditions, whose identity and crime were not known even to his jailers. Continue Reading »

Australian elections scheduled for Yom Kippur

Liberal MP protests decision saying, “disenfranchises many Jewish Australians.”
Jewish leader responds: “not a problem…”



Australia’s upcoming national elections will be held on September 14 -which is the date on which Yom Kippur falls this year, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced on Monday, arousing heated debate among politicians and Jewish community leaders.

Australia's new Prime Minister Julia Gillard - Photo by APAfter her announcement at the National Press Club in the capital Canberra, MPs from both Labor and the Liberal party were quick to attack the decision, both due to the long campaigning season that it has inaugurated and because some believe it to be insensitive to Australia’s Jewish community.

Continue Reading »

Anti-Semitic incidents in Australia rise by 5% for 2012

Jews were pelted with eggs and other objects while walking to synagogue.

Comments yelled at Jewish people in Australian streets such as “Hitler didn’t do his job properly,” and “It’s a pity that the Germans didn’t burn the lot of you.” were common.



SYDNEY, Australia  – Anti-Semitic incidents in Australia rose by five percent over the previous 12-month period, according to a new report.

anti-Semitic bannerJeremy Jones, a former president of the Executive Council of Australia Jewry, released data this week showing that during the 12-month period from October 2011 until September 2012, there were 543 incidents of “racist violence” against Jewish Australians documented by Jewish organizations. Continue Reading »

Australian MPs urge: Moment of silence for “Munich 11” victims

Rainbow coalition joins international call for tribute at London’s Games to the Israelis killed at the German Olympics 40 years ago.



Jewish legislator Michael Danby and Prime Minister Julia Gillard shaking hands just after the vote on Tuesday morning. - Photo by Auspic

SYDNEY – A rainbow coalition of Australian politicians are calling for a minute of silence at the London Olympics in memory of the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches murdered at the 1972 Munich Games.

About 100 legislators in Canberra voted unanimously on Tuesday for a motion urging the International Olympic Committee to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the terror attack during next month’s games. Continue Reading »

Israeli firm to fortify Jewish schools in Australia

Al-Sorag to install protection mechanisms in Jewish educational institutions; project to cost $500,000


Israeli protection solution company Al-Sorag was chosen to fortify Jewish educational institutions across Australia. Protection process will include installation of 4500 square meters of different protection solutions in kindergartens and Jewish schools, at a cost of half a million dollars.

Jewish center in Sidney Photo: Erez Paz

Jewish center in Sidney - Photo: Erez Paz

The extensive fortification project is expected to be completed in the coming months and will respond to a wide range of threats.

The comprehensive protection will include installation of protective coatings on panes, anchoring systems and cable protection systems for doors, as well as installation of transparent bars. Continue Reading »