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Jerusalem zoo sends aid to injured animals from Australia wildfires

The Biblical Zoo in Israel’s capital says it’s donating veterinary medical supplies for Victoria’s devastated East Gippsland region, where reports suggest at least 480 million animals have been killed by the fires so far.

By i24NEWS


A Jerusalem zoo said Monday it will donate money and medical supplies for the millions of animals injured in Australia’s unprecedented bushfires that have been raging on the continent for the past few weeks.

Fires have ravaged more than 8 million hectares (19.8 million acres) of land across the country, an area nearly the size of Austria, killing 25 people, destroying thousands of building and leaving some towns without electricity and mobile coverage. Continue Reading »

Australia: Brothers sentenced 40, 36 years after IDF tip to blow up plane

Following a tip from the IDF’s elite military intelligence Unit 8200, 2 Australian-Lebanese brothers were sentenced to 40 and 36 years in prison for their Islamic Slate-inspired plot to bomb a jet departing Sydney in 2017.

By i24NEWS


Two brothers, Khaled and Mahmoud Khayat, were sentenced to 40 and 36 years in prison respectively over a thwarted Islamic Slate-inspired plot to bomb a plane in 2017.

Australian-Lebanese Khayat brothers were planning to hand a bomb disguised as a meat grinder to a third brother, Amer, as he was about to board an Etihad Airways jet from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. Continue Reading »

UN passes resolution allowing Palestinians powers of full member in 2019

Only  US, Israel and Australia vote against United Nations General Assembly resolution allowing the Palestinian to participate fully in meetings as a legitimate state and join previously restricted international bodies.

By Reuters


The 193-member United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday allowed the Palestinians to act more like a full UN member state during meetings in 2019 when they will chair the group of 77 developing nations.

The United States, Israel and Australia voted against the move, which won 146 votes in favor. There were 15 abstentions and 29 countries didn’t vote.

“We cannot support efforts by the Palestinians to enhance their status outside of direct negotiations. Continue Reading »

Arab states threaten action should Australia also recognize Jerusalem

In a letter signed by Arab Ambassadors from 13 states, consequences were listed should Australia actually move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as Australia’s new premier said he was considering.

By David Rosenberg


Diplomats from across the Arab world warned Australia on Tuesday that Canberra risked both its relations with Arab states as well as the viability of the peace process in the Middle East if it recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Ambassadors from 13 Arab states gathered in the Australian capital city of Canberra on Tuesday to discuss the new Australian premier’s decision to consider relocating his country’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Australia ends direct funding Palestinian Authority due to its ‘Pay to Slay’ policy

FM Julie Bishop rejects using Australian humanitarian funding for the PA to pay monthly stipends to entice Palestinian attacks on Israelis, as it is an “affront to Australian values, and undermines the prospect of meaningful peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”



Australia has discontinued funding the Palestinian Authority because of concern that the money is making PA payments to terrorists and their families possible, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced Monday.

Canberra had allocated AU$10 ($7.4) million to the World Bank’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Palestinian Recover and Development Program that went to the PA.

Abbas’ monthly pension ‘price-list’ to entice terrorists – updated 2017

“I wrote to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on 29 May, to seek clear assurance that Australian funding is not being used to assist Palestinians convicted of politically motivated violence,” Bishop said in a statement. Continue Reading »

Since Pope Francis remains silent, Australian church rejects Muslim’s claim that Jesus was Palestinian




Sydney- Jesus was not Palestinian, a major church denomination in Australia said after the Executive Council of Australian Jewry challenged an article in a political publication in which the birthplace of Jesus Christ was named as “Palestine.”

Visitors to the Palestinian territory were surprised to find Al-Quds University’s ‘martyr tree’ adorned with photos of the Palestinians killed in the commission of attacking Jews.

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Under Arab Threats Australia Retreats Over ‘Occupied’ Jerusalem Policy

Palestinian Authority envoy to Canberra is now ‘satisfied’ after organized threat of sanctions by Arab & Islamic states prompted ‘clarification’ of policy.

By AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff


Australia’s foreign minister met Arab and Islamic ambassadors Thursday to try to soothe concerns over Canberra’s stance on eastern Jerusalem, insisting there was no policy change despite moves to stop referring to it as “occupied”.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard – Reuters

The meeting followed fury after Attorney-General George Brandis said the term would not be used as it carried pejorative implications and was neither appropriate nor useful.

The Palestinian Authority’s  representative in Australia reacted furiously to the statement, and threatened to organize international trade sanctions over the move. Continue Reading »

Arab nations consider boycotting Australian products over its East Jerusalem status

Australia tries to calm crisis after its Attorney General, George Brandis, said East Jerusalem should not be defined as ‘occupied.’


SYDNEY ־ Arab nations may boycott Australian goods in protest at Canberra’s “shameful” declaration last week that it will no longer refer to East Jerusalem as “occupied.”

The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House – Photo: Bloomberg

A delegation of almost 20 ambassadors and senior diplomats – including representatives from Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – lodged a formal complaint with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia’s capital last week, local media reported.

One of the envoys, Jordanian Ambassador Rima Alaadeen, said activists were urging people to boycott Australian goods during Ramadan later this month.

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Australia follows Canada preferring truth over EU, US, UN lies about Israel


The Australia government joins Canada in extending real hands of friendship to Jerusalem as it expands it’s pro-Israel shift in policy.


A year ago, Australia joined the handful of countries that voted against, or abstained from voting for a series of one-sided anti-Israel resolutions that were put forward in the UN. Since then, Australia, under Tony Abbot’s government, has repeatedly made it clear that it’s actually going to be taking a balanced position when it comes to Israel.

On Wednesday evening, the Australian government unequivocally stated it would not use the word “occupied” in reference to eastern Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Australia’s Attorney General: East Jerusalem is not ‘occupied’ by Israel


Australia’s attorney general says, ‘The world’s description of E. Jerusalem as ‘occupied’ is a term freighted with pejorative implications which is neither appropriate nor useful.’

By Ynetnews


Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government has decided to drop the word “occupied” when describing Israel’s settlements in East Jerusalem, Australian Associated Press reported Thursday.

Australia's Attorney General George Brandis - Photo: Ray Strange / Source-TheAustralian

Australia’s Attorney General George Brandis – Photo: Ray Strange / Source-TheAustralian

According to the report, the government said it was “unhelpful” at a time when the peace process was still viable.

The move was announced following a fire debate in the Australian legislator regarding the legality of Israel’s settlements, the press agency reported. Continue Reading »

Australian Book: Israeli Secret Agent ‘Prisoner X’ passed intel to an Iranian

In a new book by an old friend from a Zionist youth group in Australia, arrested & jailed Mossad agent Ben Zygier told an Iranian contact too much.



The former Mossad agent, Australian born Ben Zygier, who committed suicide in an Israeli prison cell more than three years ago passed classified information about Israeli espionage activities to an Iranian businessman. The information Zygier shared included details on operations that he was involved in.

Ben Zygier

These claims were made in the book Prisoner X by journalist Rafael Epstein that was recently published in Australia.

Epstein was Zygier’s counselor at the Australian Zionist youth groups Netzer and Hashomer Hatzair and together they participated in a workshop for diaspora youth leaders in Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Israel Law Center challenges BDS in Australian court

Lawsuit is the 1st time that Australia’s anti-racism laws have been utilized against those seeking to harm Israeli academics or businesses because of their national origin.


A landmark case that could determine whether the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel breaches Australia’s antiracism laws returns to court this week, The Australian reported on Monday.

Hebrew U.

Mount Scopus, one of the Hebrew University’s four campuses.- Photo: Lior Mizrahi

The parties will “debate potentially decisive orders this week,” according to the report.

Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center, an Israel-based civil rights organization, last year filed suit against Jake Lynch, director of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney.

Continue Reading »

Australia Clamps Down on Hezbollah Money-Laundering Scam & Drug-Running

Australian daily reports how Lebanese terrorist group is working with local organized criminals, as law enforcement launches largest-ever operation.

By Ari Soffer


A major money-laundering operation in Australia is helping to bankroll Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Islamist group which is proscribed as a terrorist organization by Australian government, among others.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah – Reuters

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the money-laundering scam is part of a wider criminal network linked to organized drug trafficking.

The report comes amid Australia’s bigger ever money-laundering investigation, named Project Eligo, which has revealed how 40 separate operations in the country are moving hundreds of millions of dollars offshore. Continue Reading »

Australian group: Gaza’s Palestinians delight in the ‘worst case of animal cruelty’ in history


Barbaric video exhibits cattle imported from Australia being tortured on streets of Gaza, with bystanders participating, filming & cheering.



Shocking footage of cattle exported from Australia being tortured and killed in the streets of Gaza is being described by an Australian animal rights group as the worst animal cruelty case it has ever seen in the live export industry, The West Australian news reported Thursday.

Animal cruelty in Gaza

Animal cruelty in Gaza – Photo by Screenshot/Animals Australia

Footage compiled by Animals Australia shows bulls being “knee-capped by a man armed with an assault rifle, another stabbed in the eye and other having their throats hacked open in the streets.” Continue Reading »

Australian FM to United Nations: Stop the Constant Israel Bashing

Australia’s recent abstentions “reflected the  gov’t’s concern that Middle East resolutions should be balanced.”

By Israel Today Staff



Australia recently surprised everyone by abstaining on two UN General Assembly resolutions targeting Israel, signaling that the folks “down under” are growing fed up with the world body’s biased approach to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop - Photo: SBS/AAP

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop – Photo: SBS/AAP

Like most other nations, Australia typically votes in favor of the dozens of UN resolutions targeting Israel every year. By the end of the General Assembly’s current session, it will have passed 22 resolutions against Israel, and only four against the rest of the world combined. Continue Reading »