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Israeli NGO Thanks the UK for choosing Brexit


The Israeli NGO Regavim praises and congratulates the Brits for voting to leave the EU, who has for years conspired and engaged in covert, illegal interference in Israeli internal affairs, at a cost (waste) of hundreds of millions of Euros.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Regavim has offered its congratulations to the UK for voting in favor of leaving the European Union.

Regavim is  an NGO focused on “ensuring responsible, legal, accountable and environmentally friendly use of Israel’s national lands and the return of the rule of law to all areas and aspects of the land and its preservation.” It has strongly criticized the EU for funding illegal Palestinian construction. Continue Reading »

WATCH VIDEO: Israeli group pushes Brexit over EU pro-Palestinian policies


view videoRegavim advocacy group’s campaign includes a mock Hamas video of Palestinian militants urging the UK to stay in the EU to keep the billions of aid money flowing.



An Israeli pro-settlement group is campaigning for Britain to leave the EU in response for what it says is its pro-Palestinian stance, one of its officials said on Sunday.

Regavim is a right-wing NGO that supports Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Its campaign includes a mock video of a masked Palestinian militant purportedly from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip urging UK citizens to remain in the European Union because it supports the Palestinians. Continue Reading »