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Israeli official: Palestinian demand of pre-conditions for Cairo summit is a non-starter


An Israeli gov’t official expressed skepticism that the Palestinians would join a Cairo summit, saying the preconditions were a way to avoid negotiations, “They will run away as they have in the past, if it gets real.”



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is willing to go anywhere to meet Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to negotiate, but the setting of preconditions for such talks is a non-starter, a government source said Wednesday amid speculation of a four-way summit in Cairo.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (R) meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas in the Egyptian capital Cairo on November 8.

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Masked assailants fire on Israeli tour bus near Cairo, – No injuries


Manhunt underway after masked individuals shot at a tourist bus outside a Cairo hotel that carried Israeli Arabs, according to Egyptian security forces.

By Roi Kais, Itamar Eichner & Reuters


Masked militants fired at a group of dozens of Israeli tourists at the Barceló Three Pyramids hotel next to Cairo on Thursday, causing damage but no injuries. One gunmen was arrested at the scene and security forces are searching for the other individuals involved in the attack, who numbered about 20 according to the Egyptian Interior Ministry.

Gunmen on motorbikes opened fire on a tourist bus outside the 4-star Barcelo Cairo Pyramids hotel in the Egyptian capital.

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Millennium old Yom Kippur prayer book fragment from Cairo to be posted online


The Cairo Geniza, discovered in a synagogue in Cairo’s Old City, is a unique 1000 yr-old document and comes from the oldest Yom Kippur prayer book in Israel’s National Library collection.

By Yori Yalon


A unique fragment of a Yom Kippur prayer book from the Cairo Geniza, one of the most important resources for understanding Jewish culture, religion, economics and literature from the Middle Ages to the present, is slated to be uploaded to the website of the National Library of Israel.
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