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Descendants of Bronze Age Canaanites from the Levant are not ‘Palestinian’


Contrary to arbitrary declarations from Palestinian leaders who claim Canaanite ancestry, a proper DNA report solves the mystery of the Canaanites, revealing the biblical people’s fate.

By Ben Guarino


In the Bronze Age, between 4,000 and 3,000 years ago, a diverse group of people called the Canaanites lived in the Middle East. Despite their culture and influence — one of the only golden calf idols discovered was found in the Canaan seaport of Ashqelon — they left behind little information about themselves. Other civilizations made records of them, such as the Greeks, Egyptians and the authors of the Hebrew Bible. Continue Reading »

Ancient gold, silver artifacts discovered at Israeli archeological site


Eight months after a 2000yr-old gold coin, minted in Rome, was accidentally found in northern Israel, now a new trove of ancient gold & silver artifacts were discovered at the Tel Gezer archeological site.



A treasure trove of gold and silver objects dating back about 3,600 years from the Canaanite period has been found in the Tel Gezer excavation center.

The Israel Antiquities Authority and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority announced Monday that it believes the objects found were part of a ceremonial offering that was laid in the center of the structure being excavated. Continue Reading »