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Palestinians in Chile Bully Christian Priest, Threaten Local Christians Over BDS Meeting


The Palestinian Federation of Chile, a major supporter of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah & Hamas, has lead the charge in the anti-Israel BDS movement and sponsored many antisemitic events against the small local Jewish community of 15,000.



Palestinians in Chile threatened to boycott a local Christian organization over a scheduled meeting with the Israeli Christian-Zionist leader Father Gabriel Naddaf.

Last week, Naddaf, the head of the Christian Empowerment Council, was on a tour of the South American country, sponsored by the local JNF-KKL chapter and the Zionist Federation of Chile, to speak out against the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement. Continue Reading »

4 Israeli tourists in Chile: ‘We were treated as murderers’


Daniel Banai, along with his 3 friends, were expelled from Chilean national park , accused country’s authorities for degrading treatment. In a moment they turned us from tourists into “Israelis who tried to burn down the reserve,” he recalls.

By Itay Blumenthal


“We simply cooked tuna fish after the trip,” says Daniel Banai, one of the four backpackers who were expelled from Chile’s Torres del Paine Natural Park last week.

Wildfire in Torres del Paine 2011 – Screenshot

According to Banai, he and his friends were given a degrading and cold treatment by Chilean authorities, who in a moment turned them into “Israelis who tried to burn down the reserve.” Continue Reading »

Chilean Ambassador’s remains to be scattered in Jerusalem

In life & in death, Chilean Ambassador Joaquin Montes Larraín, who recently died of leukemia, will continue his close bond with the Jewish state

Itamar Eichner

Chilean Ambassador to Israel Joaquin Montes Larraín, 61, died after losing a battle with cancer over the weekend. Before his death, Larraín had asked that his body be cremated and its remains be scattered in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem – Photo: Phillip Pasmanick

Larraín, who served as Chile’s ambassador to Israel since January 2011, was well respected in the diplomatic community. Diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia, he underwent aggressive treatment in Chile and was sent back to Israel, where he was admitted at the medical center in Tel Hashomer last month, at the advice of his Chilean doctors. Continue Reading »