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Faced with possible defeat by Islamic State, Nasrallah inducts Christians to fight in Hezbollah

Shiite terror group forges unlikely alliance with Lebanon’s Christians integrating ‘dozens’ of  into its military wing to fight in Syria.

By i24news


Faced with the threat posed by the Islamic State, Lebanon-based Shiite terror group Hezbollah has forged an unlikely alliance with the country’s Christian contingent and is training Christian fighters, according to reports in Arabic media.

One of Hezbollah’s enemies: Mujahideen members of al-Qaida’s‏ Nusra Front – Photo: REUTERS/file

Christians are among Middle East minorities at risk from rising unrest across the region, and from extremist groups such as the Islamic State, which has violently carved out a large area of control in Iraq and Syria. Continue Reading »

Greek Orthodox Church Sacks Priest who Supported Christian Arab IDF Enlistment

AFP reported Thursday that the Greek Orthodox church dismissed Father Gabriel Nadaf from his post in Nazareth without even bothering to summon him.

By Ari Yashar and Gil Ronen


An Israeli Arab Orthodox priest has reportedly been dismissed by the Greek Orthodox church in Israel, after publicly supporting IDF service for Christian Arabs.

PM Netanyahu meets Gabriel Nadaf, Aug. 2013 – Reuters

Church spokesman Essa Musleh told AFP on Thursday that the decision was made on Tuesday to fire Father Gabriel Nadaf from his post in Nazareth, and that the decision was only being made public now.

“We warned him before to keep to his priestly duties and not to interfere in matters of the army,” Musleh said.  Continue Reading »

Violent Response to Christian IDF Enlistment

Unsurprisingly, Israel’s support of Christians volunteering for the IDF is sparking antagonist, even violent reaction from Israeli opponents. 

By Israel Today Staff


The Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, which advocates young Arabic-speaking Christians voluntarily joining the Israeli army, has long had vocal critics. Now that the State of Israel is publicly backing the Forum’s efforts, that criticism has turned to open violence.

An Israeli soldier wearing crosses around his neck.

An Israeli soldier.- Photo: AP

More and more young Christians are deciding to volunteer for IDF service as a first step to greater integration with Israeli Jewish society. And the number is expected to rise exponentially after the Israeli government decided last month to begin sending voluntary IDF recruitment letters to local Christians when they reach 18 years of age. Continue Reading »