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Amid IDF impasse, Netanyahu coalition calls to dissolve Knesset, call for elections

As Lapid backtracks on past support “in petty politics at the expense of the IDF and Israeli public” in a last-ditch effort to exploit the ultra-Orthodox draft impasse, Netanyahu’s gov’t decides to dissolve the parliament and call for early elections.

By i24NEWS


An emergency meeting of the heads of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition partners on Monday in a last-ditch effort to resolve an impasse over contentious legislation regulating military conscription for ultra-Orthodox Jews ended in a decision to dissolve parliament and call early elections.

The meeting, which got underway shortly after 1:00 p.m. local time at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, was called a day before Israel’s parliament was due to begin preparing a bill on the contentious issue for its final readings with less than a month left to pass a law on the matter under a Supreme Court-imposed deadline. Continue Reading »

IDF launches pre-induction program for Christian and Jewish soldiers

In the first of its kind for the IDF, 14 Christian & 14 Jewish 18 yr-olds attend a pre-military preparatory course together to prepare them for serving together.

By Israel Today Staff


Many Israeli Jewish teenagers will attend what’s known as a mechina – a preparatory camp prior to entering their compulsory military service.

(Father Gabriel Naddaf with) Lt. (Res.) Shadi Khalloul (seen standing on Netanyahu’s left) has been interviewed by and written for Israel Today on several occasions.

Years ago, such camps were also established for Druze and Bedouin Israelis wishing to volunteer for the IDF (Druze are required to serve, at their request, while Bedouins are not). Continue Reading »

IDF announces Beduin enlistment on upswing after declining years

IDF believes the 40% increase in 2017 of Beduin 18 yr-olds volunteering to enlist is due to Defense Ministry benefits and occupational training offered to the recruits.



After years of steady decline in the number of young Beduin volunteering to enlist in the IDF, the past year has seen a reversal of that trend manifesting in a 40% increase in 2017. Four hundred and twenty Beduin men joined the army in 2017, up from 300 in 2016, and the IDF aims to increase recruitment further, to 600, in the coming year.

Despite the fact that the number of members of the Beduin sector who choose to enlist is still objectively low, the army believes that the recruitment potential will increase significantly, even as the community experiences a processes of religious radicalization and deepening rupture with the state, especially among the southern tribes. Continue Reading »

Photo Essay: Having Completed IDF Course, Muslims swear allegiance to Israel


Consisting largely of Muslim Bedouins, along with Christians and Muslim Arabs, who all volunteered for IDF service, the March 2016 induction of Desert Reconnaissance Battalion soldiers were sworn in on Thursday, having completed their rigorous basic training.

By Yoav Zitun


The swearing-in ceremony for the March 2016 cycle of Desert Reconnaissance Battalion soldiers was held on Thursday at the Memorial Monument to the Bedouin Warriors with the majority of the sworn-in soldiers being Muslim. Before their commanders and families, the soldiers, mostly Bedouins with some Muslim and Christian Arabs who volunteered to join the IDF, swore allegiance to the State of Israel and its defense. Continue Reading »

From France to Israel: 8 French friends now serve in the same IDF combat unit


Dan Maimon, who made aliyah with 7 of his friends from France, is now serving in the same IDF combat unit with them, says, “It did not fit for us to live in France… We know that we made the right decision & are contributing to Israel’s security.”

By Danny Brenner


Eight friends in France decided to make aliyah two years ago on Rosh Hashana. Last November, they fulfilled a childhood dream and enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces. The group of friends has since remained together, and serve in the same company in the Kfir Infantry Brigade’s Nahal Haredi battalion.

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Impressive Rise in Ultra-Orthodox Entering the IDF

Despite prior protests and peer opposition, the ultra-Orthodox sector is responding favorably to the new ‘equal burden’ law by joining IDF & work force in greater numbers.

By Yossi Aloni


Despite ultra-Orthodox protests, there has been a dramatic increase of 39 percent in the number of new Israeli army recruits coming from the Haredi sector this year.

That impressive figure was presented by the Israeli army at a meeting of the ministerial committee established to monitor implementation of the new “equal burden” law passed amid growing frustration among secular Israelis that the Orthodox community was not pulling its weight.

The law initially set the ambitious goal of 2,000 ultra-Orthodox recruits in its first year.

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Violent Response to Christian IDF Enlistment

Unsurprisingly, Israel’s support of Christians volunteering for the IDF is sparking antagonist, even violent reaction from Israeli opponents. 

By Israel Today Staff


The Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, which advocates young Arabic-speaking Christians voluntarily joining the Israeli army, has long had vocal critics. Now that the State of Israel is publicly backing the Forum’s efforts, that criticism has turned to open violence.

An Israeli soldier wearing crosses around his neck.

An Israeli soldier.- Photo: AP

More and more young Christians are deciding to volunteer for IDF service as a first step to greater integration with Israeli Jewish society. And the number is expected to rise exponentially after the Israeli government decided last month to begin sending voluntary IDF recruitment letters to local Christians when they reach 18 years of age. Continue Reading »

Arab MK: Israel trying to divide Arabs by drafting Christians into IDF


Pro-Palestinian Christian MK protests the new IDF policy, now sending an initial voluntary conscription notice to young Israeli-Christians, since IDF service is still not mandatory.



MK Basel Ghattas (Balad) told Army Radio on Tuesday that the recent defense establishment decision to start sending preliminary conscription notices to all Christian Arabs of enlistment age was an attempt to divide Israeli Arabs in Israel.

Elinor Joseph, was born 1991 into a Christian family from the Arab village of Jish, is the first Arab woman ever to serve in a combat role in the I.D.F.

Elinor Joseph, was born 1991 into a Christian family from the Arab village of Jish, is the first Arab woman ever to serve in a combat role in the I.D.F. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

His comments came after Army Radio reported Tuesday a change in IDF policy which includes sending preliminary conscription orders to all Christian Arabs at the age of 16-and-a-half.

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IDF will Send Voluntarily ‘Draft Notices’ to Stimulate Christian Arab Recruitment

Reaching out to possible Christian recruits, Israel will be sending optional draft notices for IDF induction – a move with a significant political & social potential for better integration into Israeli society.

By Tova Dvorin


The push to increase the growing number of Christian Arab IDF recruits advanced Tuesday, after the IDF made a landmark decision to send out “voluntary draft notices” to Christian Arabs of recruitment age.

IDF soldiers – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Jewish Israeli teens receive their draft orders at the age of sixteen and a half, and are required by law to report to a local draft office to make arrangements for their IDF or National Service within a set time period after receiving the notice. Continue Reading »