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F-35 photographed by Hezbollah TV flying over Lebanon

‘Caught’ during a rare operational flight, a photographer for a Hezbollah-owned TV station posted photos on Twitter of the advanced 5th-generation aircraft flying over Lebanon….but identified them as F-15 fighter jets.



Israeli F-35s are never seen in combat, but on Monday they seemed to have been captured by a Lebanese photographer patrolling the skies over Lebanon.

Translated from Arabic by Google: 6 F-15s. A hostile Israeli woman was flying over Lebanon for hours.
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Beirut Port explosion exposes suspicious “labyrinth network of tunnels.”

As images and videos shown world-wide of the exposed underground openings at the blast-site by SkyNews and Russia’s Sputnik News, the Lebanese Armed Forces have continued to deny the existence of the tunnels.



Videos circulating online, as well as rumors and reports, indicate that “tunnels” have been found in the wake of the Beirut explosions. Some have asserted that this is evidence of Hezbollah “tunnels” storing weapons at the Port of Beirut, while others think they were used for human trafficking. Both SkyNews and Russia’s Sputnik News claimed there was a “labyrinth network of tunnels.”

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Unscheduled port visit with ammonium nitrate years ago led to Beirut’s disaster

A Russian ship transporting 2,750 tonnes of highly combustible ammonium nitrate was to be delivered to a Mozambique explosives maker, but was diverted in an unscheduled stop to Lebanon, where it was subsequently stored in a manner not in accordance with accepted safety standards in a Beirut port hanger.

By Reuters


The chemicals that went up in flames in Beirut’s deadliest peace-time explosion arrived in the Lebanese capital seven years ago on a leaky Russian-leased cargo ship that, according to its captain, should never have stopped there.

“They were being greedy,” said Boris Prokoshev, who was captain of the Rhosus in 2013 when he says the owner told him to make an unscheduled stop in Lebanon to pick up extra cargo. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah fires at IDF base, no injuries. – Israel responds

According to IDF Spokesperson, no injuries or casualties reported after Hezbollah militants fired at least 3 Kornet anti-tank missiles at a military position and IDF ambulance near Moshav Avivim at around 4 PM local time.



There were no injuries after several anti-tank missiles were fired by Hezbollah from Lebanon towards an IDF base and military vehicles northern Israel, IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis confirmed Sunday afternoon.

“A number of anti-aircraft missiles were fired from Lebanon at an IDF base and military vehicles in the area,” the IDF said. “There are a number of confirmed hits.”

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EXPOSED: Hezbollah transformed civilian Port of Beirut into weapons hub

Israel’s Ambassador Danny Danon urges the UN Security Council to tackle Iran’s nefarious regional activities and its illicit exploitation of civilian maritime routes for moving explosives and weapons. Amb. Danon, “They use commercial companies, mainly from Europe, to support Hezbollah and develop its missile program.”

By Ariel Kahana


Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon presented the UN Security Council new evidence to prove that Iran was using civilian maritime navigation as means of arming Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, all the while flouting international sanctions.

Speaking at the UN just days after Iran seized a British oil tanker and amidst growing tension between the Islamic republic and the West, Danon urged the international community to take action against Tehran and counter its regional aggression. Continue Reading »

IDF chief tells new UNIFIL chief, ‘Keep Hezbollah under control’

IDF’s Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot relays to UNIFIL’s new commander Maj. Gen. Stefano Del Col, that Israel expects UN forces in Lebanon to strengthen enforcement procedures against Hezbollah, Iran’s militant proxy in Lebanon.
• Previous UNIFIL chief was criticized for inadequate performance.

By Yoav Limor


The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon must increase ‎its enforcement against Hezbollah in the country’s south, ‎Israel’s chief of staff told the newly appointed ‎UNIFIL commander.‎

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot met Monday ‎with Italian Maj. Gen. Stefano Del Col, who took ‎office earlier this month, replacing Maj. Continue Reading »

UNIFIL inadvertently confirms Israeli claims: Lebanese army under Hezbollah influence

Former liaison officer with the UN’s Interim Force in Lebanon tells French newspaper how, “the Lebanese Army would prevent us [UNIFIL] from posting observers. …Everyone knows that Hezbollah is using [preparing] the area for the next war.”
– WATCH IDF video: 5 Ways Hezbollah Violates UN Resolution 1701



The UN force in Lebanon has accused Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army of hampering their work, which includes spying on the peacekeepers, in a report due to appear on the website of French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, on Friday.

The report quotes a chief warrant officer for the French contingent as saying during an interview: “In the evening we never leave the barracks because the Lebanese forces are not friendly. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah chief warns Israel to stop construction of border wall with Lebanon

Hassan Nasrallah has warned Israel  to cease work on upgraded border wall that the IDF deems imperative in it’s overall strategy for preventing future terrorists’ infiltration from Lebanon.



Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has warned Israel against continued construction of a wall along its border with Lebanon, after Beirut said the project was undermining peace.

“After liberating the Lebanese occupied territories from the Zionist enemy in 2000, the UN demarcation of the national border with the Palestinian territories left 13 controversial positions, and the Lebanese government informed the UNIFIL about its rejection for any Israeli measure in this concern,” Nasrallah was quoted by Hezbollah website al-Manar as saying. Continue Reading »

Victory for Israel: UN Security Council resolution requires UNIFIL to confront Hezbollah

Revised Security Council Resolution now requires supplemented UN forces to demonstrate a robust physical presence on the ground, to now enter every village and to report, in real time, Hezbollah’s violations of Security Council Resolution 1701.

By Nitsan Keidar


Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, on Wednesday welcomed the adoption of a new UN Security Council resolution regarding the mandate of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

According to the decision made upon the annual renewal of this mandate, UNIFIL is now required to expand its reports to the Security Council and take deliberate action against Hezbollah’s violations. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah reports Israel remotely exploded ‘espionage device’ once discovered


The Lebanese Shiite terror organization claims to have discovered an Israeli surveillance device—disguised as a rock—overlooking Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, which according to their media arm, was mysteriously detonated remotely upon discovery.

By Roi Kais


Hezbollah announced Sunday that it had discovered an alleged Israeli spying device in Har al-Barouk, opposite Lake Qaraoun in the Beqaa Valley.

According to the Al Manar network, the device was remotely detonated by Israel and pieces were scattered throughout the Har al-Barouk area.

Remains of ‘Israeli spying device’ found in Lebanon in December – Arab media

According to Hezbollah’s media arm, fiberglass in the shape of a boulder was covering the device, which was fixed on a rock overlooking the villages in the western Beqaa Valley, including the Beirut-Damascus Highway. Continue Reading »

IDF Chief: Stopping the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah is IDF’s “top priority”


Speaking at the Knesset, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot reports Hezbollah’s rockets are not particularly accurate at the moment, and under the nose of UNIFIL forces,  Hezbollah continues to violate UN resolution 1701, so the IDF’s “top priority” is to keep Hezbollah from improving the accuracy of its missiles.




Eleven years after the Second Lebanon War, stopping Hezbollah from improving the accuracy of its missiles and rockets is the “top priority” of the army, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot stated Wednesday.

Speaking at the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Eisenkot stated that IDF has used the time since the Second Lebanon War to dramatically improve its abilities and now has better intelligence and operational capabilities than ever before. Continue Reading »

Lebanese Shiites scramble as US gov’t targets Hezbollah & Iran, Banks worried


US gov’t agencies threatening wider sanctions against anyone who finances Iranian-backed Hezbollah, prompted lobbying trips to Washington by worried Shiite bankers and politicians from Lebanon.

By Reuters


BEIRUT—Moves in Washington to widen financial sanctions on the powerful Shiite Hezbollah political group have triggered alarm in Beirut where the government fears major damage to the banking sector that underpins Lebanon’s stability.

Lebanon’s Olympic delegation hails crowd with Hezbollah’s Nazi-like salute

Not yet proposed as law, draft amendments to an existing law threatening sanctions against anyone who finances the heavily-armed Iranian-backed Hezbollah in a significant way prompted lobbying trips to Washington in May by worried Lebanese bankers and politicians. Continue Reading »

IDF intel chief: Next Hezbollah war will turn Lebanon into another refugee state


Maj.-Gen. Herzi Halevi, speaking at the annual security conference noted that, “In the next wars, the majority of weapons that will attack Israel will be Iranian products,” suggesting Israel will need to escalate in its defense.



Lebanon will become a “state of refugees” from which it will be difficult to recover if there is another war between Israel and Hezbollah, a senior IDF intelligence general said Wednesday.

Military Intelligence, Maj.-Gen. Herzi Halevi speaking at 16th annual Herzliya Conference. – Photo: ADI COHEN ZEDEK

“The situation in the next conflict will be completely different. We are stronger than we have ever been and are able to deal with any threat,” said the head of IDF Military Intelligence, Maj.-Gen. Continue Reading »

Ultimate Nonsense: UN seeks restitution from Israel for 1996 return fire on Hezbollah

U.N. still seeking compensation of $1.17 million for 1996 shelling of UNIFIL compound in Qana, a Hezbollah-controlled village in south Lebanon.
• Israel’s envoy to the U.N. Danny Danon responded, “This is an absurd situation in which Israel is urged to pay for the war crimes of a terror organization.”

By Shlomo Cesana


A major U.N. body has demanded Israel pay restitution for the accidental shelling of a U.N. compound in the south Lebanese village of Qana in 1996.

UN – Uninvolved in Peace

During Operation Grapes of Wrath, the Israel Defense Forces, while engaged in heavy fighting with Shiite militant group Hezbollah, accidently bombarded a UNIFIL compound that also served as a refugee camp. Continue Reading »

Lebanese Army observation towers placed on Israel’s border

The new military observation towers, which can see inside IDF bases and the Kibbutzim on the border with Lebanon, have residents worried that Hezbollah may take them over during the next war.

By Ahiya Ravid & Yoav Zitun


The Lebanese military has built several observation towers on the Lebanese side of the border between Israel and Lebanon in recent weeks.

Lebanese observation post near Kibbutz Hanita – Photo: Aviyahu Shapira

The towers provide the Lebanese army with strategic observation posts from which they can observe Israeli military bases, the border fence, the patrol road next to the border fence, civilian roads in Israel, and various towns and kibbutzim along the border. Continue Reading »