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Knesset approves bill requiring Arabic classes beginning with first graders


Knesset’s bill makes it compulsory for Arabic to be taught in Jewish schools & Hebrew to be taught in Arab schools, beginning in the first grade, as a way to usher coexistence.

By Gideon Allen


A bill that would make it mandatory for Arabic to be taught in Jewish schools and Hebrew to be taught in Arab schools from the first grade passed its initial reading in the Knesset Wednesday.
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Israeli hummus restaurant offers 50% off for Jews & Arabs that eat together


The Hummus Bar in Kfar Vitkin is Kosher/Halal for its clientele, and has an ‘intifada’ special of 50% off for Jews & Muslims who eat together.



Can a shared love of hummus bring Jews and Arabs together? An Israeli restaurant near the coastal city of Netanya is offering 50 percent discounts on hummus for tables with both Jews and Arabs.

חומוס בר - Humus Bar on their Facebook page

חומוס בר – Humus Bar on their Facebook page

A manager of the Hummus Bar, located in Kfar Vitkin, told the Times of Israel that “several” tables of Jews and Arabs have taken advantage of the offer since it began Oct.

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Palestinians Marching in ‘Co-Existence March’ with Israelis Brutally Attacked

Palestinians verbally and physically attack fellow Palestinian Arabs for daring to seek ‘normalization’ and live in peace with Israeli Jews

By Israel Today Staff


Palestinian participants in a co-existence march with Israelis were attacked by fellow Palestinians on Thursday.

A Palestinian Arab man is treated for a head injury after being attacked by fellow Palestinians for daring to join a ‘normalization’ event with Jews. – Israel Today

The victims were taking part in the annual “Jerusalem Hug” march, the purpose of which is, according to the group’s website, “…to promote a peaceful experience, a life of freedom and joy to all people. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: Israel a Land of Diversity and Coexistence


Enemies of Israel often malign it as a racist, even an ‘apartheid’ state, but the reality is that it’s a land of unique diversity & coexistence

By Israel Today Staff


Israel is often maligned as a racist, even apartheid state. But the truth, as demonstrated in the following video, is that Israel is a land of unprecedented coexistence given its tiny size.

The video was put together by filmmaker Matty Brown who during his travels through the Holy Land was overwhelmed by the local diversity. Modern city life, Bedouin desert encampments, Orthodox Jews at the Wailing Wall, and so much more are what make up the fabric of Israel – a land of true diversity!

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Released Palestinian prisoner now teaches Hebrew & tolerance


Esmat Mansour, convicted for assisting 3 teens stab a Jewish man to death in 1993, was freed last August in the 1st of the 3 prisoner releases.

By the Associated Press

DEIR JARIR – Facing a classroom of Palestinian 10th graders, Hebrew teacher Esmat Mansour asks his students who is for and against learning the language. A few raise their hands in favor, others against and he asks both sides to explain.
Value all human life to learn tolerance, Mansour says (Photo: AP)

Value all human life to learn tolerance, Mansour says – Photo: AP

Mansour believes such debates will help motivate young Palestinians to study Israel’s dominant language. They need to know Hebrew to be able to deal with “the Israeli occupiers,” but also to build bridges in the future, he says.

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Where coexistence is the norm

At hospitals throughout Israel, hugs & handshakes between the country’s Jewish & Arab populations are a way of life.

By Avigayil Kadesh


A young Arab woman in Jericho was bitten on her foot by a poisonous viper in 2008. When the local clinic was unable to treat her, an Israeli ambulance jeep drove the woman almost two hours through the Jordan Valley to Emek Medical Center, where the anti-venom serum was available. She was already unconscious at that point, but her life was saved  in the nick of time.

600 Palestinians worked at the SodaStream factory in the Mishor Adumim industrial park, next to the West Bank settlement of Maale Adumim before it was forced to relocate.

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