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Comedian Conan O’Brien aired with edited out segment of Palestinian violence

Conan’s Israel special aired with the segment dedicated to the death of a Palestinian teen edited out.
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The Israeli travel special Conan O’Brien aired for audiences around America Tuesday night showcased the fun, frivolous and routine side of life in Israel.

What most viewers were unaware of, however, was that after a preview screening on Monday night, the team behind the TBS show edited out portions filmed in Bethlehem and added a disclaimer to another segment.

The original version of the show – screened for 200 people in Los Angeles on Monday – included a scene filmed in a home in Bethlehem where a father discussed his son, who he said was killed by IDF soldiers during a riot. Continue Reading »

American TV host Conan O’Brien sends himself to Israel, for R&R from US politics

Watch Conan O’Brien announce the reasons for traveling to Israel.



Comedian and television host Conan O’Brien announced on his show that he will be visiting Israel in September to film a special episode of his travel series Conan without Borders. The announcement was complete with Israeli flag graphics and Hebrew text.

“Due to all the division, strife, intractable hatred and violence in our country right now I have decided to leave America for the relative peace and quiet of the Middle East. That’s right people, I am going to Israel!” He said.

He continued: “I may be in Israel the same week as President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who’s been sent there to broker a Middle East solution.

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