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Book: Mossad deciphering hidden al-Qaida, ISIS messages, encoded in Reddit, eBay & porn

Author Gordon Thomas claims that Israeli cyber warriors were tracking online encrypted messages, and “once the Mossad uncovers a specific plan abroad, it alerts the relevant intelligence agencies who act on the information & thwart the plot.”



Mossad has used specially trained cyber warfare agents to crack coded messages sent by terrorists to their operatives through popular web sites like Reddit and eBay, according to a revised edition of a book about the Israeli spy agency.

Cyber hackers – Illustrative Photo: REUTERS

According to excerpts of the latest edition of Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, author Gordon Thomas claims that Israeli cyber warriors were tracking message boards online in search of specially encrypted messages from the likes of al-Qaida and Islamic State. Continue Reading »

Israel to host 1st int’l Cyber Solutions Conference


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be keynote speaker to top executives & dozens of cyber security experts from world’s biggest cyber products’ companies.

By Ilan Gattegno


Israel will host the first ever Cyber Solutions Conference on Monday, bringing together dozens of cyber and cyber security experts from around the world.

Illustrative – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

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The cyber-war starts Sunday


Hackers from all over the world are making final preparations for a cyber-attack against Israel — purported to be the most extensive attack to date.

They will try to infiltrate gov’t sites, hack into banks & infect users…. but, Israel is also preparing itself.

By Ilan Gattegno


For over a month now, Israel has been under cyberattack. It began with words and threats, which carry a hefty significance in and of themselves, due to their psychological impact, and because they prompt Internet activity from all levels to try to prevent the damage from such an anticipated attack.

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Elbit unveils new cyber-war simulator

Around 30 soldiers completed course and were assigned to the IDF’s various branches.


Days after the IDF admitted it uses cyberspace to attack its enemies, additional details were revealed Tuesday on the way soldiers are trained to defend military networks from cyber-attacks.

Elbit Systems, a leading Israeli defense contractor, unveiled its new cyber-simulator, which The Jerusalem Post has learned was already purchased by the IDF’s C4I Directorate.

The simulator was developed specifically to train government and military personnel how to protect critical infrastructure and sensitive computer networks, like those used by the IDF.The simulator offers training to prevent cyberwarfare events by simulating network protection scenarios.

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