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IDF Intel Chief exposed Iran’s funding of anti-Israel terror groups


Israel’s Chief of Military Intelligence reveled Iran is now funding Hezbollah to the tune of $75 million a year, paying $50m to Hamas and giving approximately $70m to Islamic Jihad, all enemies seeking Israel’s destruction.



Iran’s massive funding of terrorist groups that endanger Israel was exposed in shocking detail by IDF Military Intelligence chief Maj.- Gen. Hertzi Halevi on Wednesday.

Herzi Halevi – Chief of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate – YouTube/HerzliyaConference

Speaking at the IDC Herzliya Conference, Halevi revealed that Iran is funding Hezbollah to the tune of $75 million a year, while paying $50m. Continue Reading »

The NYT ‘works with’ terrorists, endangering us, so they can embarrass President Trump


In their aim to embarrass President Trump, which in turn has generated more profits than the pre-Trump era, The New York Times has engaged in Fake News, time after time, and facilitates ‘leaks’ that may endanger us all, even at the benefit and protection of the terrorists.

By Phillip Pasmanick


President Trump has been complaining about ‘Fake News’ ever since he was nominated, and Fox news has been complaining how all the ‘Fake News’ media is consistently using leaked information from unknown sources. Although the great majority of the leaked ‘Fake News’ stories turn out in time to be untrue, occasionally leaked information is publicized harming the national interests of the U.S. Continue Reading »

Israel was source of intel Trump transferred to Russian FM to fight ISIS


First orchestrated by outgoing Obama gov’t, now the US media run by Trump detractors are trying to make federal case on transfer of intel to Russia, saying US president could be ‘security risk for entire western world,’ when the exact opposite is closer to the truth.

By i24NEWS


Israel was apparently the source of the highly classified information that Donald Trump was accused of disclosing in a meeting with Russian officials on Monday, revealed a current and former White House official familiar with the situation to the New York Times on Tuesday.

US President Donald Trump (R) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House in February.

Continue Reading »

Book: Mossad deciphering hidden al-Qaida, ISIS messages, encoded in Reddit, eBay & porn

Author Gordon Thomas claims that Israeli cyber warriors were tracking online encrypted messages, and “once the Mossad uncovers a specific plan abroad, it alerts the relevant intelligence agencies who act on the information & thwart the plot.”



Mossad has used specially trained cyber warfare agents to crack coded messages sent by terrorists to their operatives through popular web sites like Reddit and eBay, according to a revised edition of a book about the Israeli spy agency.

Cyber hackers – Illustrative Photo: REUTERS

According to excerpts of the latest edition of Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, author Gordon Thomas claims that Israeli cyber warriors were tracking message boards online in search of specially encrypted messages from the likes of al-Qaida and Islamic State. Continue Reading »

Newsweek: Israel wiretapped Clinton’s phone during Camp David peace talks


Newsweek reports Israel’s intelligence services eavesdropped on diplomatic phone calls when then-US President Clinton conducted private conversations with Syria’s Assad, as well as calls regarding the Camp David peace talks with Arafat.

By Ynent news


Newsweek strikes again: A new report by Newsweek claims Israeli military’s intelligence unit 8200 eavesdropped on calls conducted by then US president Bill Clinton during a round of peace talks conducted between Israel and Syria, and the Camp David talks with the Palestinians in 2000.

Barak with Clinton (Photo: AP)

Barak with Clinton – Photo: AP

The report is based on a forthcoming book written by an Israeli expat and political scientist Ahron Bregman, and sites verbatim transcripts of the allegedly tapped phone calls given to him by unnamed “private sources”. Continue Reading »

‘170,000 rockets threaten Israel’ reports IDF intel chief


IDF’s Intelligence Chief Aviv Kochavi reports that although the number of missiles aimed at Israel have decreased, their lethality & accuracy has been dramatically improved.

By Shahar Chai

Sometimes, less is more: Military Intelligence Chief Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi said Wednesday that despite a drop in the number of missiles and rockets threatening Israel, their level of precision has drastically risen.

“Some 170,000 rockets and missiles are threatening the State of Israel from all regions. Up until recently, the number was much greater and it has decreased, but it will go up again.

“They are much more precise and a lot more lethal. Continue Reading »

Report: Israeli military intel unit seeks Farsi speaking Iranian immigrants


20% of Farsi speaking Jewish immigrants from Iran serve in special IDF intelligence units.

By Reuters



Iranian-born immigrants to Israel are drafted to its military intelligence units in disproportionately large numbers, an official report said on Thursday. This fact reflects the military’s high demand for Farsi speakers to monitor the Jewish state’s arch-enemy.

IDF Unit 8200

Soldiers in Unit 8200, the IDF’s technological spearhead. – Photo: Moti Milrod

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees a mortal menace in Iran’s disputed nuclear program and has long hinted his country was waging a covert campaign to track and foil it.

Those efforts, security sources said, have been stepped up since world powers and Tehran agreed an interim nuclear deal in November. Continue Reading »