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A Dozen Countries With Different Problems Look to Israel to Boost Milk Production

Israel’s dairy cows have become the most productive in the world through the use of technology and science.

By Reuters


Decades ago Israeli dairy farmers confronted a quandary – how could they provide milk to a fast-growing population in a country that is two-thirds desert, with little grazing land?

Cows wearing digital collars eat at dairy farm in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai – Photo: Reuters

They turned to technology, developing equipment that boosted output – from cooling systems to milk meters and biometrics – and have made Israeli cows the most productive in the world.

Science rules today, with cows’ health, output, genetics and fertility closely monitored by management systems. Continue Reading »

Punjab dairy farmers learn Israeli farming techniques


Punjabi dairy farmers delegation visit moshavim & kibbutzim across the country to learn Israel’s newest techniques.

Since local weather conditions are similar to Israel’s, we’re learning ‘special arrangements to control heat stress’ says delegation member.

Anav Silverman, Tazpit

A 10-member delegation of dairy farmers from the Punjab region of India recently visited Israel to participate in a training program about modern dairy farming techniques.

The delegation – Photo: Mashav

The unique program was especially designed for the group by the Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation (CINDACO) of Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Times of India reported that in late July, the Punjab farmers visited modern dairy farms located on kibbutzim and moshavim across Israel and learned the latest dairy farming techniques from Israeli farmers. Continue Reading »

Kibbutz dairy firm wins lucrative Belarusian tender

AfiMilk lands 12 million-euro tender to provide its advanced milking parlors throughout Belarus.


The Israeli dairy herd management firm AfiMilk has won a 12 million-euro tender with the Belarus government to provide its advanced milking parlors to locations around the Eastern European country.

Belarusian milking parlor

Belarusian milking parlor – Photo: Courtesy AfiMilk

In light of a recent Russian decision to largely cease purchasing Belarusian dairy products, the smaller country’s government decided that its dairy products needed to expand outside of the Russian market – which accounted for 95 percent of its dairy exports – and bring its dairy systems up to European standards, according to AfiMilk.
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Israeli technology helps Canadian farmers

KIBBUTZ AFIKIM, Israel — Canadian farmers are turning to an Israeli company to help them increase the milk production of their cows.

Israel’s SAE Afikim, better known as Afimilk, is a world leader in computerized systems for dairy farm and herd management.

Across Canada, there are some 100 farms already hooked up to the Israeli dairy system. A team from Kibbutz Afikim is now shooting a film at Summitholm Holsteins farm in Lynden, Ont., to try to expand its activities.
“We found out that dairy farmers are most convinced by what their neighbours or friends or colleagues say,” said Noa Yonish, Afimilk’s marketing communication and market study manager. Continue Reading »