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Former Balad MK faces year jail time over visit to enemy agent in Syria 2007


Said Nafa, 61, sentenced to a year in prison for visiting an enemy state & meeting with a foreign enemy agent.

• In 2007, Nafa made an unapproved trip to Syria where he met with Talal Naji, the deputy secretary-general of the PFLP-GC terrorist group.

By Danny Brenner and Israel Hayom Staff


Former Balad MK Said Nafa was sentenced on Thursday by the Nazareth District Court to one year in prison after being convicted in April for visiting an enemy state and contacting a foreign agent.

Former Balad MK Said Nafa – Photo: Dudi Vaaknin

In 2007, Nafa visited Syria, even though the Interior Ministry had not approved the trip.

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Former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert sentenced to 6 years for corruption


For 1st time in Israel’s history, a former Prime Minister is sentenced to jail: Judge sentences former PM Ehud Olmert to 6 years in jail for his role in real-estate development corruption affair.

By Naama Cohen-Friedman


Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to six years in prison and fined NIS 1 million in court in Tel Aviv on Tuesday morning for his role in the ‘Holyland Affair’, the real estate corruption case considered the largest of its kind in Israeli history.

Photo: Yotam Ronen

Six years in prison for former PM – Photo: Yotam Ronen

The case marks the first time a prime minister was convicted of a felony and now, with his sentencing, the first time a former prime minister has ever been sentenced to jail time. Continue Reading »

Former Palestinian Knesset Member Convicted of Contacting Israel’s Enemies

Former Israel MK of the Balad party, Said Nafa, met in Syria with PFLP-GC leader. Nafa was convicted of both illegally exiting to an enemy state & assisting others to do so as well.

By Ahiya Raved


The Nazareth District Court convicted former Balad Knesset Member Said Nafa of contact with a foreign agent, illegal exit to an enemy country and aiding other to exist to an enemy country.

Nafa was acquitted of another charge of contacting a foreign agent after no evidence was found that he had met with the leader of the Hamas political bureau Khaled Mashal. Continue Reading »

Sheikh Raed Salah jailed 8 months for incitement


I got off cheap,’ joked Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah after receiving an 8-month sentence for comments during Temple Mount protest that sparked riots leaving 3 Border Police officers injured.

By Kobi Nachshoni


Sheikh Raed Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement Northern Branch, is going back to jail after Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court sentenced him to an eight-month prison sentence for incitement to violence.

Salah was convicted last November for a 2007 speech he made on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

His comment, “Our best moments will be when we meet God as martyrs while Jews are still in the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” sparked a riot that left three Border Police officers wounded. Continue Reading »

Killers of apprehended Jewish terrorist receive 2 years in prison


Haifa District Court sentences 3 defendants convicted of the attempted manslaughter of Eden Natan Zada to 2 years in prison, after Zada was caught for murdering 4 people in 2005.

A defendant objected, saying: ‘We deserve no punishment.’ 

The verdict read: “Revenge is for God; punishment is for the judiciary.”

By Hassan Shaalan

The Haifa District Court sentenced three of the attackers of Jewish terrorist Eden Natan Zada to two years in prison. In August 2005, Natan Zada murdered four Shfaram residents and was beaten to death by an angry mob. Two other defendants also received jail time, while one was given probation. Continue Reading »

District Court seeks to stop Hamas from influence in Jerusalem


Court convicts 3 East Jerusalem residents of affiliation with Hamas & money laundering in attempts to expand terror group’s ideology among city’s Muslim population.

Court says charitable work was clearly meant to spread Hamas terror ideology.

By Edna Adato & Israel Hayom Staff


The Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday convicted three residents of east Jerusalem of affiliation with Hamas and laundering money for a terror organization.

Palestinian prisoners in an Israeli jail - Photo: Tal Cohen

Palestinian prisoners in an Israeli jail – Photo: Tal Cohen

Yacoub Abu Asab, Kifah Sarhan and Ahmad Alian, all Israeli citizens, were convicted of heading Hamas’ efforts to expand its foothold in Jerusalem by catering to the city’s Muslims in the fields of education, welfare and religious services.

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4 Israeli Arabs convicted of attempted homicide for lynching Jewish terrorist

Haifa district court convicts 7 defendants of attempted homicide and aggravated assault for beating to death Natan-Zada, after he opened fire on a bus in Shfaram in August 2005, killing four.


A Haifa court on Monday acquitted seven Israeli Arabs of attempted murder in the lynching of Jewish terrorist Eden Natan-Zada, but convicted four of them of attempted homicide and two more of aggravated assault.

Natan Zada lynch

People surrounding the bus shortly after the attack in Shfaram – Photo: Ancho Gosh/Gini

The court on Monday convicted all seven defendants of aggravated assault of police officers, obstruction of justice, and property damage due to rioting. Continue Reading »

Did Mossad snatch Gazan from Egypt to be arrested in Israel?


Did Mossad arrest Palestinian terror suspect in Egypt a month ago? News of his arrest was only just cleared for publication when Court extended Abu Rida’s remand for still unknown alleged security offenses.



A gag order was eased on Wednesday confirming the detention of Wael Abu Rida, a Palestinian man from the Gaza Strip suspected of as-yet unpublishable alleged security offenses.

Wife of Palestinian Wael Abu Rida holding his picture.

Wife of Palestinian Wael Abu Rida holding his picture. – Photo: REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Abu Rida, 35, vanished while visiting Egypt last month. His family and Israeli lawyer told Reuters that they did not know how he ended up in Israel.

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Court Decrees it’s Kosher for Jews to Pray at Gate to Temple Mount

It’s now official:  A faithful Jew has the right to pray regularly at the gateway to the Temple Mount, by court mandate.

By Chana Ya’ar


A faithful Jew prays regularly at the gateway to the Temple Mount, and returns when detained by police. Now the court has told the officers to leave him alone to pray in peace.

Visiting the Temple Mount – Temple Institute

A faithful Jew prays regularly at the gateway to the Temple Mount – and now he will be able to pray there for good, thanks to an appeal by Honenu in Jerusalem District Court. Continue Reading »