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United Nations Refuses to Condemn Hamas

World body routinely condemns Israel by simple majority, but as usual, enacts a double standard against Israel to officially condemn Hamas, so General Assembly decides a 2/3 majority must be needed to condemn the Palestinian terror group.



The United Nations has failed to officially condemn Hamas, even after the US and Israel managed to garner a strong majority in the General Assembly for a resolution doing just that.

Typically, such resolutions require a simple majority to pass. But the General Assembly decided that a two-thirds majority would be required for it to condemn a group that most of the world considers a terrorist organization. Continue Reading »

Red Cross Official: World applies double standard with Israel


ICRC official says Israel & Hamas are both guilty of legal violations in Gaza, but the world only focuses on Israel.


The head of the International Red Cross in Israel and the Palestinian areas said Tuesday that the world was holding Israel to a double standard when it came to war crimes allegations.

Top ICRC legal official

Top ICRC legal official Jacques De Maio at the Institute for National Security Studies, December 2. – Photo: YONAH JEREMY BOB

Jacques De Maio was one of a number of non-Israeli officials speaking at an Institute for National Security Studies conference on the law of armed conflict in urban areas. Continue Reading »