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Kidnapped in the Sinai, Israeli & Norwegian hostages are released

Israeli Arab, Amir Omar Hassan, 23 & a Norwegian tourist were released by their captors.
Hassan, in interview to Egyptian press: ‘There were hard days, but they didn’t harm us’

By Hassan Shaalan


The family of the kidnapped Israeli-Arab from Nazareth and MK Ahmad Tibi have reported that both he and the Norwegian tourist who where kidnapped last Friday in the Sinai Peninsula have been released into the custody of Egyptian authorities.

Hassan, Phillip, after release - Photo ONA

Hassan & Phillip, after their release – Photo: ONA

Before dawn, Amir Omar Hasan, 23, who was captured together with a Norwegian national by a group of armed Bedouins while vacationing in Sinai, called his family to inform them of his release. Continue Reading »

‘Muslim Brotherhood will Terrorize Christians,’ Warns Candidate

Presidential candidate Shafiq hits Muslim Brothers twice: “They think Palestine’s the capital of Egypt, would intimidate Christians.”


Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq hit hard at the Muslim Brotherhood on two fronts Sunday, warning that an Islamist victory will lead to terrorizing Christians and accusing the Brotherhood of trying to make “Palestine” the central issue for Egyptians.

 Ahmed Shafiq talks during a news conference in Cairo

Ahmed Shafiq talks during a news conference in Cairo - Photo by Reuters

Shafiq was a close aide to ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and the Brotherhood took the offensive after Saturday’s life sentence for Mubarak, instead of death, and the acquittal of his two sons regarding their involvement in the murder of hundreds of protesters last year. Continue Reading »

Security fence on Egyptian border breached

Smugglers manage to cut into fence in southern border but are eventually caught by IDF forces. Five similar attempts recorded in past few months. IDF considers installing electronic alert system

Egyptian smugglers recently managed to cut into the new security fence on the Israeli border for the first time, Ynet has learned. The cell members, who used hydraulic and mechanical means to cut through the fence, were caught by the IDF.

The incident occurred last month. The Egyptians were smuggling goods for criminal, and not nationalistic purposes, and took advantage of a blind spot in the fence.

Senior elements in the IDF confirmed the report. Continue Reading »

Termination of Israeli-Egyptian natural gas agreement serves dangerous precedent

Move may be intended to pressure Israel to give up lawsuit for $8 billion in compensation for damages.

Mohamed Shoeb, head of the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company, announced Sunday evening, that the company will terminate the agreement to provide natural gas to Israel, after a decision had been made on Thursday, due to what he had termed “Israel’s repeated breaching of the agreement.”

Shoeb, in interview on Al-Hayat television, stressed that the deal termination was due to failure on the part of the Israeli side to transfer the payments owed by Israel for some months and “had nothing to do with the repeated attacks on the pipeline.”

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Militants kill two Egyptian policemen in Sinai; Suez oil facility attacked again

The gunmen fled the site of the attack, leaving two policemen dead, one hit in the chest and another in the head, officials said.

EL-ARISH, Egypt – Islamist militants driving vehicles mounted with machine guns opened fire on a police checkpoint in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, killing two policemen and injuring a third in a daring attack early on Sunday, security officials said.

Flames rising from a gas pipeline explosion in El-Arish last month.

Flames rising from a gas pipeline explosion in El-Arish last month - Photo by AP

The policemen opened fire at the attackers, but failed to stop them. The gunmen fled the site of the attack south of the airport of the city of El-Arish, leaving two policemen dead, one hit in the chest and another in the head, the officials said.

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Economic distress, not ideological fervor, is behind Sinai’s terror boom

When looking for the motivation behind the 13 explosions that hit the gas line connecting Egypt and Israel, it’s too easy to blame al-Qaida.

Egyptian security forces breathed a sigh of relief twice this week. Once after Bedouin from the Rafah region agreed to lift the siege of the military base used by international peacekeepers in Sinai, and another time after Bedouin from Nuweiba “agreed” to release a Czech woman who was taken hostage while acting as a tour guide to a group of 15 Czech tourists who were on their way to Sharm el-Sheikh.

The three previous abductions, of U.S., Continue Reading »

IDF thwarts attempt to infiltrate Israel from Egypt

1 killed in exchange of fire after group of suspected smugglers seen trying to enter Israel; IDF, Egyptian forces open fire on group.

IDF soldier - Illustrative

IDF soldier - Illustrative


The IDF thwarted an attempt to infiltrate Israel from Egypt on Thursday night. One Bedouin was killed and three others were injured in the exchange of fire.



IDF soldiers in desert exercise - Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

IDF soldiers in desert exercise - Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

The IDF observed a group of suspects trying to enter Israel and ordered them to stop. When the group refused to do so, the IDF opened fire in their direction, in line with standard procedure.

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