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French Jewish Students lodge new complaint over Twitter’s anti-Semitism

The suit filed concerns tweets which still appear on Twitter, which call for killing Jews & praising the Holocaust.





A French Jewish group which last month sued Twitter for hosting anti-Semitic content has lodged a fresh complaint against the company and accused it of lying.

Twitter logo.

Photo by Twitter


The latest complaint by the Union of Jewish Students of France, or UEJF, was filed on April 12 with the Paris Public Prosecutor’s office against Twitter President and Director Dick Costolo. UEJF and another group, J’ACCUSE, said in the complaint that Costolo was “responsible for racial defamation and publicly inciting to discrimination, hate or violence toward Jews.” Continue Reading »

Belgium home to a 30% rise in anti-Semitism reports

A Belgian gov’t agency reportes number of anti-Semitic complaints represent just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of real incidents & that the true figures (58%) correspond with last year’s rise in France.



Belgium saw a 30 percent increase in the number of anti-Semitic complaints filed in 2012, according to a government agency.

Boys with Israeli flags participate in a solidarity march for Israel in Brussels, Belgium

Boys with Israeli flags participate in a solidarity march for Israel in Brussels, Belgium, Nov. 25, 2012. – Photo by AP

Edouard Delruelle, president of the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism, a Belgian government agency, said his organization documented 88 complaints of anti-Semitism in 2012, compared to 62 the previous year and 57 the year before that. Continue Reading »

Despite Hezbollah’s Burgas bombing, E.U. leaders are scared to confront Nasrallah

European Leaders know that changing Hezbollah’s designation to ‘terrorist organization’ would seriously hurt its entire drug-smuggling & money-laundering operations which fund its terrorist activities, yet they are more scared of loosing revenue and the risk of retaliation.

By Cnaan Liphshiz


(JTA) — In his many years of service for France’s spy agency, Claude Moniquet has seen much evidence linking Hezbollah to terrorist-related activities in Europe and beyond.

NasrallahThe attacks, says Moniquet, a 20-year veteran of the DGSE intelligence service, go back as far as 1983, to the bombing of military barracks in Beirut that killed nearly 300 people, including 58 French soldiers. Continue Reading »

Twitter forced to divulge details of their anti-Semitic clients

Jewish student union petitions Paris court to order Twitter to divulge details.

Nazi hashtag makes list of top 5 trending topics in France on Saturday.



France’s main Jewish student union asked a Paris court to order Twitter to divulge details about users who post anti-Semitic comments.

Twitter logo.

Twitter logo. Photo by Twitter

Tuesday’s hearing came on the heels of a weekend of Twitter posts using the hashtag #SiJetaisNazi, or #IfIWereANazi, which was one of the country’s top five trending topics on January 5.

#agoodjew is a dead Jew

The court is expected to hand down a decision in the case on January 24. Continue Reading »

Merkel’s message: Promote the peace process or face world seclusion

PM Netanyahu will be meeting German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin on Wednesday evening to discuss Palestinian issues.


With Israel and European Union states embroiled in a diplomatic crisis, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Wednesday night in Berlin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel – Photo by AP

Merkel, who has had a rocky relationship with Netanyahu over the past four years, is expected to stress that the Israeli leader must choose between promoting the peace process, including establishing a Palestinian state, or facing international seclusion.

Despite the diplomatic crisis and the tension with Netanyahu, Merkel insisted on holding the government summit with Israel in Berlin. Continue Reading »

Israel’s exports to EU fall to 3 yr low

Israel Export Institute reveals exports to European Union totaled $1.9 billion in July-Aug 2012 – down 21% from last year, but Israeli exports to US up 16%

By Hadar Kane, Calcalist


Exports to the European Union totaled $1.9 billion in July and August 2012, a 21% drop compared to the same period last year and an 8% drop compared to the two previous months, according to an analysis of the economics division at the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI).

US passes EU in Israeli export volumes – Photo: Index Open

The analysis reveals that the export of goods (excluding diamonds) totaled some $7.7 billion in July-August 2012 – a 3.5% drop compared to the same period last year and a 6% increase compared to May-June 2012. Continue Reading »

As some Israeli cities demonstrate, all that glitters is not always green

Some ‘Green Cities’ make it on to the good list because of their parks, but the residents’ high standard of living demonstrate they consume a great deal of resources.



Europe did it this summer, and so did Israel.

But just because cities are regularly ranked based on how environmentally friendly they are, that doesn’t mean the chosen cities are always quite as green as they may seem.

Park Hayarkon

Park Hayarkon from above. – Photo by Tal Cohen

Environmental experts say that while some of these cities make it on to the good list because of their parks and public transportation, their residents’ high standard of living means they continue to exploit and consume a great deal of resources and create a lot of waste.

Continue Reading »

A Jew-free Europe

Op-ed: The ongoing process of Jews leaving European continent is tragic but unavoidable

The Jews of Europe are once again in grave danger, while anti-Semitism has become the common currency of politics in many European countries.

Seventy years after the Holocaust, a pogrom took place in Toulouse, one of the most pleasant French cities. An Israeli rabbi and three Jewish children were executed during a killing spree. Four Jews “returned” to Israelin a coffin.

The question we face at this time is as follows: will the Jews have a place in the New Europe? Or will the remnant of European Jewry flee once again? Continue Reading »

OPINION – The day Europe died

Monday, March 19th will be remembered as a dark day for Europe. That day, it crossed the “point of no return,” as long years of political correctness and currying favor with the Arab world prompted the final burial of the continent’s liberal discourse, which has become a twisted, meaningless absurdity.

The events of the day did not come from nowhere. After all, this is the same Europe where a German opposition leader slams “Israeli apartheid,” where officials call for boosting Arab control in Jerusalem and blacklisting settlers, and where Europe’s foreign policy chief expresses concern for a hunger-striking Islamic Jihad man but ignores the same plight of a Saudi human rights activist. Continue Reading »