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Germany to be protected by Israel’s most advanced Arrow 3 defense system

Germany gets approval from Jerusalem to obtain Israel’s Arrow 3 missile defense system, one of Israel’s most advanced defensive systems that has yet to be sold to another country.



Germany has received approval from Israel and the United States to purchase the Arrow-3 missile defense system, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

German legislators have in the past pushed for Berlin to buy Israel’s Iron Dome system to ward off aerial threats, but on Monday the head of the German Air Force Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz told the Post that the Arrow 3 is the most relevant system for the threats facing the European nation. Continue Reading »

Israeli Jets Fly Over Dachau & 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre Site

Israeli Air Force F-16s and German Eurofighters fly over the Nazi camp memorial and airfield where 11 Israeli athletes were brutally massacred by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Olympics.

By The Associated Press


German and Israeli Air Force jets flew over the former Nazi concentration camp Dachau on Tuesday in tribute to the Jews and others killed there during the Holocaust.

Two Israeli F-16s and two German Eurofighters escorted an Israeli Air Force Gulfstream G-550 carrying the commanders of both air forces over the camp memorial outside Munich, while a third Eurofighter filmed the formation from the sky.

German and IAF jets fly in formation over the Fuerstenfeldbruck airbase in commemoration of the Israeli victims of the 1972 Olympic massacre .-

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Germany to oppose EU sanctions on Israel over W.Bank annexation

Although France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Spain may go so far as officially recognize a Palestinian state, Berlin will not, and sources say, Germany will not support EU or UN sanctions should Israel annex parts of the West Bank.

By Itamar Eichner


Germany will not support sanctions over Israel’s planned unilateral annexation of parts of the West Bank or recognize Palestinian independence, a diplomatic official in Jerusalem said Monday.

However, the official stressed that annexation would likely put a strain on the relations between Jerusalem and Berlin, and Germany’s willingness to support Israel on the international scene.

Germany is set in July to take the presidency of two key institutions, the Council of the European Union for six months, as well as the UN Security Council for a month, meaning, Berlin will head two major international forums just as they will need to respond to Israeli actions, should Jerusalem move forward with its intention to apply sovereignty onto the contested territory. Continue Reading »

The “New” Merkel: German Chancellor works covertly against Israel

It has been publicly exposed that the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been waging a phone-campaign, calling central and eastern European leaders who were seriously considering relocating their embassies, from moving to Jerusalem and to preserve Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.



The founding director of the European Coalition for Israel in Brussels, Tomas Sandell, announced in a shocking video message on Thursday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel waged a campaign to prevent central and eastern European countries from moving their capitals to Jerusalem to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.

This is not the Germany we once knew. This is not the even Angela Merkel we once knew when she was elected.
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Angela Merkel exposes ‘Fake News’ about demolition of Khan al-Ahmar

Khan al-Ahmar residents appealed to the German Chancellor to intervene over the court-ordered demolition of their illegal West Bank compound, but to no avail. “This is an Israeli decision,” she said in Jerusalem.



German Chancellor Angela Merkel refrained from publicly criticizing Israel over it’s pending demolition of the illegal West Bank Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, during her two-day trip to Israel that ended Thursday.

“This is an Israeli decision,” she said at a morning event at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, during which the University of Haifa conferred upon her an honorary doctorate.

President of the State of Israel, Reuven “Ruvi” Rivlin welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Jerusalem.

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Germany: Dead Sea Scrolls Aren’t Israel’s

Based on UN and UNESCO resolutions against Israel’s/Jewish claims to historical sites, the German government decided not to recognize the Dead Sea Scrolls as Israeli property, prompting the Israel Antiquities Authority’s refusal to send them to a scheduled 2019 Frankfurt exhibit, without the customary governmental ‘Immunity from Seizure’ guarantee.



Uwe Becker, the deputy mayor of Frankfurt, expressed outrage on Thursday over the German government’s decision not to recognize the Dead Sea Scrolls as Israeli property, prompting the cancellation of a slated 2019 exhibit at the Bible Museum in Frankfurt.

“If Germany is unwilling to clearly express the legal status of the fragments of Qumran as Israeli world cultural heritage goods, it would dramatically change the coordinates in our German-Israeli relations. Continue Reading »

Done Deal: Israel signs new MoU for more German Dolphin class submarines

This version of Memorandum of Understanding enables Germany to withdraw if developments on corruption case in Israel shows cause, and allows Israel to purchase another 3 Dolphins, in addition to the 6 already acquired.

By Ronen Bergman


Germany approved a secret Memorandum of Understanding Thursday night with Israel which will see the latter purchase three more Dolphin submarines, on top of the six already previously acquired, Yedioth Ahronoth has learned.

Israel navy Dolphine class sub. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The MoU underwent several changes in the last week following pressure exerted by senior German officials who sought to create a framework which would enable Germany to easily pull out of the deal in accordance with developments relating to the ongoing investigation into the submarine scandal investigation, also known as Case 3000. Continue Reading »

Israeli and German politicians team up to ban PFLP & Hezbollah activities in Germany


Despite being recognized terrorist organizations in the country is not enough to warrant police intervention when the two groups were recently involved in several events and demonstrations held in Berlin.

By Polina Garaev


German and Israeli politicians banded together on Monday to call for a crackdown on the activities of Hezbollah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Germany.

Despite being recognized terrorist organizations in the country, the two groups were recently involved in several events and demonstrations held in Berlin, like June’s Al-Quds march.

In a letter sent to German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, quoted by the German daily Tagesspiegel the cross-party collection of politicians demanded that these events be banned. Continue Reading »

Der Spiegel: Germany approves nuclear-capable submarine deal with Israel


Germany’s daily Der Spiegel reported Germany’s national security council has approved a deal to sell Jerusalem three additional nuclear-capable submarines for the IDF, despite accusations of wrongdoing in deal leveled against Israeli PM’s personal attorney.

By Reuters


Germany’s national security council has approved a deal to sell three further nuclear-capable submarines to Israel, magazine Der Spiegel reported on Friday, the latest act in a defense deal that has been overshadowed by corruption allegations.

The $1.5 billion transaction came to public attention when it emerged that shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems’ Israeli intermediary had retained Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal lawyer David Shimron to act on his behalf. Continue Reading »

German parliamentary members block billion-dollar drone deal with Israel


Members of Germany’s Social Democratic Party blocked a deal involving the leasing of IAI’s advanced Heron-2 drones after having learned during a visit to Israel that the models being sent to Germany had offensive capabilities.

By Itay Mashiach


A billion-dollar deal which would have seen Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) leasing Heron-2 drones to the German Air Force was scrapped Wednesday from the German agenda amid objections by coalition parties opposed to their offensive capabilities.

Opposition to the deal was first raised last week after members of parliament paid a visit to the industrial compound in Israel and expressed dismay at the discovery that the drones were already equipped with weapons systems which were almost ready to begin operations from the air. Continue Reading »

Germany’s Choice: Foreign Minister meets anti-Israel NGOs, not Netanyahu

After consultations with his gov’t, having traveled to Israel to participate in Holocaust Memorial Day, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel chose to meet with two blatantly anti-Israel NGOs over a meeting with Israel’s elected Prime Minister.

By Tsvi Sadan


German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel made a choice during his visit to Israel. He chosen to meet with two subversive NGOs rather than sit with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Gabriel’s choice would be akin to a visit to Germany by Israel’s Foreign Minister during which he met with German NGOs investigating German soldiers for war crimes in Afghanistan rather than meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Continue Reading »

March of Life: German Nazi descendants meet Holocaust survivors


The German organization ‘March of Life’ encourages young Germans to meet with Holocaust survivors and express their strong support for the State of Israel.
– WATCH: Nazis’ descendants sing ‘Hatikva’ to Holocaust survivors.

By Itay Ilnai


It was an emotionally charged moment: A young German woman, the granddaughter of a Nazi officer, sitting next to a Holocaust survivor and specifying what her grandfather had done to Jews during World War II. There was no anger there, just a lot of sadness.“Both sides of my family, my paternal side and my maternal side, were devout Nazis,” Anna Reiner confesses with a serious look on her angel face. Continue Reading »

Medical mission from Israel, Germany treat pediatric heart patients in Tanzania


Israeli based Save A Child’s Heart, sent a multi-national team to Tanzania to assist a local hospital improve the cardiac care for children with heart disease.

By David Ruhm


A joint Israeli-German medical mission composed of teams from Wolfson Medical Center and the Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin, earlier this month carried out a 5-day mission to Tanzania, the mission’s organizer told i24news.

The five-day mission, which began on Novermber 1, was organized by Save A Child’s Heart (SACH), an Israeli-based non-profit organization, working around the world to improve the cardiac care for children from developing countries, and carried out in partnership with the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute in Dar es Salaam. Continue Reading »

Israel, Germany discuss sale of advanced Dolphin-class submarines


Israel Navy has reached out to Germany about the possible purchase of three new, more advanced and larger Dolphin-class submarines to be delivered in the next decade.



Israel is seeking to buy three more advanced submarines from Germany at a combined price of 1.2 billion Euros ($1.3 billion), reported Maarivon Friday.

Israel navy Dolphine class – Photo courtesy: IDF

The Maariv daily said that a deal due to be signed on November 7 aims to replace the oldest vessels in its existing Dolphin fleet, which began entering service in 1999.

German government spokesman Georg Streiter told AFP that Israel is considering buying new submarines to replace its existing fleet “from 2027 on.” Continue Reading »

US defense firm sues over Germany’s plan to lease Israeli drones


German plans to lease Israeli-made drones for 10 years has been suspended after American weapons manufacturer challenges decision in court for the ‘Blue & White’.

By i24news


Germany’s plans to lease Israeli-made drones has been put on hold after a legal challenge submitted by an American weapons manufacturer.

Israel’s Heron TP, or Eitan drone – Photo: AFP

The decision by the German army to lease the Heron TP drones from Israel Aerospace Industries was announced by Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen in January for temporary use until 2025 when development of a joint German, Italian, and French drone is expected to be completed. Continue Reading »