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Compilation of Falafel Stories: Happy ‘World Falafel Day’!

Israel participates in the annual celebration of the most-loved Middle Eastern treat.

In addition to being Philippines Independence Day and the start of the World Cup, June 12 also happens to be World Falafel Day.

Gabai’s famous falafel

Gabai’s famous falafel, located on Bograshov Street in central Tel Aviv – Photo: Rotem Maimon

In honor of the day honoring Israel’s national food, we’ve trawled through our archives and found seven must-read articles to help you mark the occasion.

On World Falafel Day, at least, let’s not argue over the origins of the humble dish. Let’s have a ball.

No matter where it originated, falafel is still Israel’s national food

Preparing falafel balls.
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The Falafel Index: Israel home to the most expensive Falafel in pita

Forbes magazine’s new purchasing index concludes that Israel’s shekel is one of the most overvalued currencies in the region.


The Israeli shekel is among the most overvalued currencies in the Middle East and food prices in Israel have increased more than in any other developed country since 2005, according to a new purchasing index from Forbes magazine called the Falafel Index.

The Falafel Index

The Falafel Index is a version of the Economist’s Big Mac Index tailored for the Middle East.

Like its older counterpart, the Falafel Index determines the purchasing power of different currencies – but rather than comparing hamburgers, it compares the prices of falafel across the region. Continue Reading »