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Israel celebrates month of Coca Cola and burger

Coca Cola Israel and Time Out team up with 100 restaurants throughout Israel promoting the global soft drink and creative burger meals until July 20.

By Buzzy Gordon


Coca Cola Israel, in conjunction with Time Out magazine, is sponsoring its first ever “burgers month” this summer, pairing distinctive burger creations with Coke.

The ambitious project involves some 100 restaurants all over the country, including some of the country’s most famous, helmed by celebrity chefs.

Coca Cola Berger Month – Time Out

Even kosher restaurants, and ethnic places specializing in foreign cuisines that usually do not serve hamburgers, are participating.

Each participating restaurant has created its own special burger and toppings for the occasion. Continue Reading »

With European Boycotts, Israel Faces East To Export


Despite cultural differences in taste, this first step introducing Israeli products to Asia, that has yet to be exposed to the variety of Israeli tastes, has great potential, and these tastes will appeal to the Asian pallet just as it succeeded in Europe.

By Yossi Aloni


The first Israeli food festival, in Taiwan may be the Israeli answer to Europe’s branding of Israeli products. 25 Israeli companies will present and sell some 200 different kinds of foods and beverages to the public in the five stores of the prestigious City Super.

Looking east

The food festival, that was initiated by the Ministry of Economy’s office in Taiwan and Israel’s Export Institute, is part of a concerted effort to break through to new markets in East Asia. Continue Reading »

Israel Exporting Tea to Chinese & Wafers to Iranians


With the number of Israeli food companies growing each year and exporting abroad, Israel is turning into a culinary global power thanks to its products’ variety, innovation & quality. 

By Moshe Glantz


The community of Iranian exiles in the United States appears to be uninterested in Israel’s response to the nuclear agreement with Iran, but its members seem quite enthusiastic about a wafer produced in Israel, which they have been buying in large quantities. 

The Israeli flavor has always been loved, but in the past few years it’s safe to say that Israel is perceived around the world as a culinary power, both thanks to its innovation, variety and quality, but also thanks to the fact that the majority of Israeli food exported abroad is kosher, appealing to people with different allergies who trust the supervised food and to Muslims in need of halal food, which adheres to Islamic law. Continue Reading »

Compilation of Falafel Stories: Happy ‘World Falafel Day’!

Israel participates in the annual celebration of the most-loved Middle Eastern treat.

In addition to being Philippines Independence Day and the start of the World Cup, June 12 also happens to be World Falafel Day.

Gabai’s famous falafel

Gabai’s famous falafel, located on Bograshov Street in central Tel Aviv – Photo: Rotem Maimon

In honor of the day honoring Israel’s national food, we’ve trawled through our archives and found seven must-read articles to help you mark the occasion.

On World Falafel Day, at least, let’s not argue over the origins of the humble dish. Let’s have a ball.

No matter where it originated, falafel is still Israel’s national food

Preparing falafel balls.
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Israeli Arab finishes victorious in TV reality cooking program ‘Master Chef’


‘Master Chef’ winner Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, says she’ll use TV show’s prize money to open Arab-Jewish cooking school.


Nof Atamna-Ismaeel won the fourth season of Israeli reality cooking show “Master Chef” on Saturday night.

Noff Otmana Ismail, Israeli Arab winner of 'Master Chef'

Noff Otmana Ismail, Israeli Arab winner of ‘Master Chef’ – Photo: Oded Karni

Atamna-Ismaeel, 32,,  from the Israeli Arab town Baqa al-Gharbiyyewho cooks Arab food with a modern twist. She has a PhD in microbiolog and is  married with three kids.

Upon winning, Atamna-Ismaeel said it was “the most exciting moment in her life,” and said she plans on using the prize money to open an Arab-Jewish cooking school.

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