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Israel ranks highest fertility rate of OECD nations

With Mexico placing a distant 2nd with an average fertility rate of 2.2 children per woman and France, the U.S., Britain, the Netherlands, and Spain fairing less than 2 per woman, Israeli women have 3.1 children on average.

By Maytal Yasur Beit-Or


Some 186,000 babies were born in Israel over the course of 2016, including 7,676 twins and 261 triplets, data from the country’s maternity wards shows. On average, a baby is born in Israel every three minutes, and a cesarean section is performed every 20 minutes.

These figures, and many others, were presented at the annual conference of the Israeli Society for Maternal and Fetal Medicine, which looked at the country’s 26 hospitals and discovered that the average fertility rate in Israel is 3.1 children per woman, the highest among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member-nations. Continue Reading »