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Mazel Tov!! Jewish fertility rate in Israel, higher than Israeli Arabs, highest in OECD

A newborn infant, seconds after delivery. Amniotic fluid glistens on the child's skin. - Photo: Wikimedia, Ernest F

Israel’s Jewish fertility rate, now at its highest level since 1983, has been on the rise since 2006, and is now higher than the Israeli Arabs.

By David Rosenberg


Israelis are having more children on average, defying global trends that have seen fertility rates plummet across the industrialized world.

According to a report by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday, 181,405 babies were born in the Jewish state during 2016 – a 92% increase since 1980.

A Jewish ‘brit’, circumcision ceremony is held on the child’s 8th day.- Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Of those 181,405 children born, 73.9% were born to Jewish women, compared to 23.2% born to Arab women. Continue Reading »

Israel ranks highest fertility rate of OECD nations

With Mexico placing a distant 2nd with an average fertility rate of 2.2 children per woman and France, the U.S., Britain, the Netherlands, and Spain fairing less than 2 per woman, Israeli women have 3.1 children on average.

By Maytal Yasur Beit-Or


Some 186,000 babies were born in Israel over the course of 2016, including 7,676 twins and 261 triplets, data from the country’s maternity wards shows. On average, a baby is born in Israel every three minutes, and a cesarean section is performed every 20 minutes.

These figures, and many others, were presented at the annual conference of the Israeli Society for Maternal and Fetal Medicine, which looked at the country’s 26 hospitals and discovered that the average fertility rate in Israel is 3.1 children per woman, the highest among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member-nations. Continue Reading »

Historical First: Israeli Jewish & Arab births are equal


No longer a demographic threat in Israel, as Jewish women are having more and more children, while Arab mothers have been doing the opposite.


By Israel Today Staff


Israel’s Bureau of Statistics this week announced that for the first time in the history of the modern State of Israel, the Jewish birth rate is on par with the Arab birth rate. Both Jewish and Arab women are having an average of 3.13 children.

 A newborn baby - Photo: Indrani/Wikimedia Commons

A newborn baby – Photo: Indrani/Wikimedia Commons

Several years ago, the birth rate for Arab women stood at 4.3 children, while their Jewish counterparts were only having 2.6 children on average. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics Report Jewish & Arab Birthrates Near Equal


Israel’s Statistics Bureau reports Jewish mothers give birth to an average 3.11 children, whereas Arab mothers give birth to an average of 3.17 children, down from 4.3 children.

By i24news


The average birthrate for Jews and Arabs in Israel is growing steadily closer, the Israeli news site nrg reported .

A file photo of a pregnant woman – Photo : AFP

New data released by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics shows that Arab mothers give birth to an average of 3.17 children and Jewish women 3.11 children.

These numbers differ greatly from statistics published in the early 2000s when Arab women were having an average of 4.3 children and Jewish women 2.6 children. Continue Reading »

2013 holds record number of Jewish births in Israel


Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics show Jewish births increased by both numbers & percentages, while the Muslim Arab birth rate has reached an all-time low.

By Zeev Klein


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Amazing New & Successful Help for the Infertile


The “Embryoscope” being used in Rehovot has increased by an additional & impressive 11%, the success in achieving pregnancy in women with fertility problems.

After yearning for a baby for 15 years and numerous attempts at pregnancy, an Israeli couple have had a healthy baby – Shai-Li Vazana – with help from a device called an “embryoscope” at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot. She was the first Israeli to be born thanks to the device, which raises the success rates of in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

SMILING MOTHER Miri holds her newborn son – Photo: Courtesy

Experts said the device has increased by an impressive 11 percent the success in achieving a pregnancy in couples with fertility problems.

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Report: Jewish births increasing, Muslim births decreasing

In Israel, the fertility rate among Jewish women is rising while birthrate in the Muslim sector drops, according to latest demographics report.

Yaron Druckman


According to a demographics report released by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Monday, the State of Israel has a population of 7,836,600, of which 75.4% is Jewish.

Population growth – Photo: Shiran Granot

The data, which was compiled for 2011, also indicates that Jewish births are on the rise, while Arab and Druze births are decreasing.

According to forecasts, by the end of 2035 the number of Jews is expected to be somewhere between 7.7-9.9 million and the Arab population is to total between 2.3-2.9 million. Continue Reading »